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Stefan Thomas on the state of Blockchain

Our Interledger Foundation Board Chair Stefan Thomas
published timely thoughts about the Blockchain hype, backlash and a way forward. He focuses on interoperability issues and what the Interledger Protocol is doing to advance the open architecture of digital payments. Also a fun history lesson on the web!

Blockchain Is Stuck in the 80s
First it was LUNA. Now, it’s Celsius. These are the types of projects that seem to make sense on the way up but less so on the way down. That they got so large and out of hand is a reflection of blockchain’s ongoing pain point: So much of the space is still built on hype and speculation rather than value-adding use cases.

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We're lucky to have people like Stefan who can see clearly in this chaotic blockchain industry to helm projects and companies like Interledger and Coil πŸ₯³