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Creative Living for Dancers — MozFest 2022 Web Monetization Action Plan

I'm looking forward to bringing creative dance energy and wellness to MozFest 2022! In collaboration with @ericahargreave, @palexander, @loriyearwood, we are facilitating Wellness Breaks to rejuvenate digital spaces!

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Each session will share wellness activities and create space to discuss challenges and solutions in creating a healthy environment while working at your computer. Sessions are:

Session 1 : Fun, Relaxing and Healthy Screen Breaks with Lori Yearwood and Erica Hargreave
Session 2 : Mindfulness with Pamela Alexander
Session 3 : Dance Wellness with Briana Stuart

In addition to the personal development and wellness focus of the my Mozfest session, I'll be sharing a bit about my passion for professional and self-development for creatives- specifically dancers in the digital sphere.

Creative Living for Dancers addresses the lack of dance entrepreneurial content made by dancers for dancers, challenges negative views and stereotypes of dancers, and provides career advice to build and sustain a successful life and career as a dance artist.

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Ways in Which I Am Web Monetizing These Resources

All Creative Living for Dancers personal and professional development content is currently on and web monetized through the Coil Plugin for WordPress on

My Payment Pointer Supports this Internet Health or Social Good Initiative

The payment pointer supports the ability to provide personal and professional development resources and support for creatives, specifically dancers, on the web. These resources will continue to evolve into group and individual coaching sessions, courses, presentations, etc.

I'd Love the Community Support with this Project By ...

Check out the Creative Living for Dancer's Videos and share them with any creatives you think would be interested and definitely reach out if you would like to collaborate. I'll also be doing a Dance Wellness Session during Mozfest as a Wellness Break. Feel free to join!

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I checked out the video. :)

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