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Briana Stuart
Briana Stuart

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Web-Monetization and the Arts

Through support from Grant For Web, Creative Living For Dancers aims to promote web-monetized dance related content on the web. We hope to redirect how dancers use and disseminate their content through the Creative Living for Dancer’s Award and increase their control over their own data and content. Innovative and new technology like the proposed web monetization model provides an empowering and income producing avenue for promoting dancer’s work. We are proudly utilize this new and innovative web-monetization technology in our professional development resources as well as our Creative Living for Dancers Award.

Creative Living for Dancers Awardee Announcement!!!

We are proud to support four professional artists in Michigan and Belgium to create and distribute their dance projects digitally with web-monetization.

Learn more about their projects below:

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Douglas Arellanes

Cool stuff, Briana! The Mural team ( is also working on web monetization in the arts. Our approach is that we have a tool for making multimedia "scrollytelling" stories and we're adding web monetization support to it. Let me know if we can be of help.