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Documento: Part 2

Extending my submission in the hackathon, I had applied for the grant to work on three specific features:

  1. Branch-specific push
  2. Support for multiple pointers
  3. Customizable preview for READMEs

Branch-specific push

The app now supports to push different READMEs to different branches within a repository. All the branches would be automatically pulled on load. The user can select a specific branch, add a pointer to it and its README file.


Support for multiple pointers

This new feature allows users to have multiple pointers in their profile, can select any pointer for individual branches in every repository.


Customizable preview for READMEs

As per phase 1 of the project, the README would be appended with a fixed header providing the link to the monetized content. Since users might want to customize to their likings, the application provides the support to preview the final README before posting, and fully customize as they wish.
The only necessity is to include the link for the monetized webpage, how and where is up to to the user.


With these features in place, the project is completed. It's live at and can be tested out by users. I hope the project becomes an asset to the Web Monetization's library of projects and can help the developers eventually monetize their documents.

Feel free to provide any feedback and/or suggestion you may have.

Stay safe and healthy!

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