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Two videos about js13kGames 2020 to watch

There are two interesting video materials about last year’s competition that are worth spending some time on: showcase of all the 36 entries from the Web Monetization category recorded by Jupiter Hadley , and overall top 20 best games with their source code explained by Ania Kubów prepared for freeCodeCamp.

Showcase of the Web Monetization category entries

Jupiter Hadley, who is a well known YouTuber gameplaying competition entries for a few good years now, went through all the Web Monetized games, so you can get an overview of the level of quality they represent.

Out of the 36 games submitted to the Web Monetization category in 2020 supported by the Grant for the Web there’s a bunch that ended up in the top 20 overall results, including the winner of both: Ninja vs EVILCORP by Rémi Vansteelandt.

20 award-winning 13-kilobyte JavaScript games

Ania Kubów did an awesome job making the video containing the best entries from the competition, along with explaining some of the most interesting coding tricks the authors executed.

You’re going to see 20 great examples of code from 20 insanely talented developers.

It was either the authors themselves explaining those, or Ania reading their notes - the video is more than one hour long, but worth every second spent on watching! It was published and sent as a headline by Quincy Larson to the freeCodeCamp community through their newsletter.

Enclave Games - js13kGames 2020 videos: FreeCodeCamp

Remember that the source code of all the games submitted over the years is available on GitHub, so you are free to study and learn from it. Don’t forget about the Post Mortems developers write as well, where they share their lessons learned of what went good and what could’ve been improved.

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