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Andrzej Mazur
Andrzej Mazur

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Phaser 4 is coming

Something I was hoping and waiting for - Richard Davey, the author of Phaser, is currently working on the fourth version of the framework full time.

I don’t want to put any pressure on the development of Phaser 4 , which might, or might not get released this or the next year, but the work is currently ongoing. That’s great news, especially since previous effort was delayed by a huge Phaser 3.50 release.

Next version will bring a whole lot of changes, way more than you could imagine: from an organization’s repository on GitHub and a totally new website, through modularity and customizable builds, to using TypeScript and ECS internally.

At some point I was hoping to build new games for our Grant for the Web grant using Phaser 4, but that ultimately never happened. This does not mean I don’t plan to, on the contrary - the eBook I’m yet to write needs examples, Enclave Games don’t plan on stopping the releases of new games, so this will happen eventually. Especially since Rich released a Game Web Monetization plugin (as part of his grant) I haven’t even tried yet.

I’m seeing this version change as the time to upgrade my own tooling, coding setup, and approach, since I don’t use any package managers or build tools. That should’ve happened a few years ago already, but I was busy chasing deadlines and didn’t have much time to learn new things.

If you’re curious about the progress of Phaser 4 development , make sure to follow Rich’s Dev Logs on Patreon.

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