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How to use View Source to see a page's payment pointer

Are you curious which payment pointer your streaming payments and tips are being directed to? There's an easy way to find out.

When visiting a Web Monetized page, check out the source code:

In Firefox, click Tools -> Browser Tools -> Page source.
In Chrome, click View -> Developer -> View Source.

Next, search for a string of text that contains the following:

meta name="monetization" content="PAYMENT POINTER IS HERE"

A real example from Creative Living For Dancers' site looks like this:

<meta name="monetization" content="$" />

Now...this doesn't tell you a whole lot. As a privacy-centric company, Coil has both a simple explanation of sender-side and wallet-side privacy, and a deeper dive if you're interested in learning more.

However, if you want to confirm that the payment pointer in use on a page is one of the social benefit and open web pointer we are featuring for MozFest, you can check it against the list.

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