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Watch our grantee roundtable session from MozFest

It's finally ready! MozFest has posted the recording of our grantee roundtable session, Business models on the web are broken! Let's fix them.

This session featured a number of Grant for the Web grantees discussing their projects and sharing their struggles and successes.

To view the session, you'll need to register for MozFest (it's pay-what-you-can). Then, visit our session page to watch the video.

Thank you so much to the following panel participants for speaking so honestly about their projects:
@creativelivingfordancers from STU Arts Dance
@ericahargreave from the Sustainable Funding Vlocast
@gjhannam23 from Vivid IoV Labs and the Freemitization project
@meghan from Tribe of Noise and the Free Music Archive (FMA)
@blackforestboi from Memex
@phoebepoon and Kin Ko from LikeCoin

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