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Your Weekly Roundup!

This week, project updates, grant reports, questions about Web Monetization and more from the community.

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Project updates

Tessel shares insight into new project MicroMemberships
and comparisons to the MicroDonor project

In this project we explore innovative online revenue models for creators such as journalists, artists and creators of online content. We look in particular at the revenue model of 'micro-subscriptions' (micro-subscriptions). Microsubscriptions can take different forms, but we have not yet come across an open and honest variant.

The idea of microsubscriptions is that you structurally pay a small amount to individual creatives or to a group of makers that joins forces. Think of collectives of independent artists, cultural organizations, independent broadcasters or a collective of writers that matches your interests. The organizations in such 'content collective' all receive a small part of the amount that you pay monthly via a subscription. With such collectives you can potentially reach a larger audience and ensure a structural income for makers who release work on a less frequent basis.

graeme for Prototypr journey to building an inclusive platform

Part of the Prototypr GftW project is to make our platform cater for different languages and wider cultural norms in order to create a more open and inclusive web.

Despite the web being global, a huge part is tailored for English-speaking audiences – 52% of all websites are in English, and of the 4.72 billion internet users, only 25.9% are English-speaking. For educational content, this puts a lot of people at a disadvantage. Through Internationalising and localising our platform, we can improve it.

Grant Reports

Folawole finalizes project and announces launch of website in grant report

Trusting that the vision is always guided by intuition has been fruitful in my past artistic endeavors but now I see that to be true on a larger scale as my company expands. It is important to me to lead from a position of an unapologetic black perspective and I appreciate how that style of leadership influences future generations of black artists and entrepreneurs.

One of the big accomplishments during this grant period has been to offer mutual aid beyond our target goal of 10 predominately black artists to 20 artists and cultural bearers. Allowing us to build an enterprise of artistic and humanitarian ventures that can be integrated with web monetization and a diversification of sustainable practices. This is the pathway to launching our company's first website in August of 2022. Finally, after several years of planning and research, the acquisition of tools that not only allows us to increase our companies production value online but also offers significant upgrades to our capacity to produce artistic content internationally, was a huge accomplishment.

A reunion years in the making

Casey Herd for Ballet Rising shares the story of a dancer who reunites with a friend and mentor

In November of 2021 Syrian dancer Karmel Suliman was reunited with his friend and mentor Ahmad Joudeh after the devastating war in their home country tore them apart.

In this interview discover how Karmel moved from Syria to Rome to follow his passion and how he hopes to one-day help rebuild his country through art and dance. It's an inspiring story and it was an honour for Ballet Rising to be there for the reunion of such courageous individuals as Karmel and Ahmad after so many years.

Thank you Casey sharing for their story.

Asking a question

Xander asks, is it possible to use a modified CC license?

could a custom license be used on creative work that's basically CC with one additional condition:

  • payment pointer of the creator must be used with x% revshare?

something I'm thinking about...

If you have any thoughts, please leave a comment under Xander's post

What's Happening!

Meetup in Spanish with GftW grantee Nestor Campos on May 20

In order to grow the community and enhance WebMonetization and Interledger Protocol technologies, it is very important to share knowledge. From my experience, in Latin America there are great professionals who can promote and develop with these technologies, but they still don't have the opportunity to get to know them.

For this reason, I have created and will speak in a meetup thinking about the community in Spanish this May:

Watch Now! Free Music Archive Community Call & Gavin Chait’s Project Skill Share

Over the last 2 weeks, GftW awardees, Hessel and Meghan of Free Music Archive and Gavin Chait of Qwyre hosted community engagements where participants gathered and focused on building connections, sharing knowledge, and advancing the Web Monetization ecosystem.

On April 19, Hessel and Meghan of Free Music Archive hosted the Community Call.

During the [FMA] (( Call, the attendees shared ideas and input via Miro Board, where we asked 3 questions:

  • When using internet services, do you (dis)like specific reward / payment systems?
  • Related to Coil: which web monetization mechanism is great and what do you still miss? Any suggestions?
  • The floor is yours. What would you like to change for independent creatives online? How would you like to empower them?

On April 25 Gavin Chait hosted the Project Skill Share community event.

Gavin, a scifi author, and developer of, shared his experience in developing for monetization, and offers guidance and thoughts on how to integrate the APIs into your own mobile project. Participants also learned about African science fiction, and shared a coffee during this event.

Qwyre is a collaborative publishing platform, allowing authors to earn streaming micropayments as people read their work. And we can do this because of Web Monetization.

You can watch the full videos of the Gavin’s Skill Share here and FMA’s Community Call here

Many thanks to Hessel, Meghan and Gavin for hosting and being active members of the Web Monetization Community.

And coming up in May....

Our next Community Call will be hosted by Grant for the Web awardee Erika Kitzmiller. Erika will take us inside her project Central PA Info Hub recently renamed the 11/30 Youth Collaborative, a youth-driven first-person storytelling project that showcases the voices and stories of individuals who call Chambersburg, PA home.

Click the link above to learn more about the project and register for this event.

See y'all next week on the Web Monetization Community Space!

Header Image by viarami from Pixabay

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