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Free Music Archive Community Call


The FMA team would like to thank Grant for The Web and Ayesha for helping us host the FMA Community Call.

Thank you to all participants that joined us on the 19th of April! We shared ideas, suggestions and received valuable input for Free Music Archive.

Free Music Archive Community Call Miro Board

During the FMA Community Call, the attendees shared ideas and input via Miro Board, where we asked 3 questions:

  • When using internet services, do you (dis)like specific reward / payment systems?

A participant liked and suggested: Brave Attention Tokens - it's built into the browser

  • Related to Coil: which web monetization mechanism is great and what do you still miss? Any suggestions?

One participant stated: Ability to condition access to content based on the price the creator wants

  • The floor is yours. What would you like to change for independent creatives online? How would you like to empower them?

Another participant recommended: Identity services - I am who I say I am

Visit the Miro Board to check the rest of the suggestions and add your input for Free Music Archive too!

The Miro board is open and active for suggestions and feedback from the Web Monetization Community.

FMA Community Call Miro Board:

Incase a password is asked: fmanext

Thank you again to all participants! Our doors are always open for new connections with Grant For The Web grantees!

Any further questions, suggestions, recommendation or feedback, please feel free to contact: |

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