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RE/SIMULATE — Future Money Final Grant Report




Felipe Brugués
Juan Carlos León
Ana Rodríguez

The Team

Project Update

During the last months, we used to funds and our time to expand our research on the limits of the material and the medium to translate narratives from data. In particular, we accomplished two main milestones. First, we rented a studio space in Mexico City to start large scale production of several 3D printed pieces meant for a final piece. With the space, we were able to make our own clay and required additional materials to scale up production.

Ana + Juan Carlos in the studio
Studio space

Second, we used our research time to explore further possibilities in the material. Our research time was productive as we managed to learn to what extent data can be translated into a physical object. Moreover, we dedicated a lot of time to improve the quality of the 3D printed object, making it substantially better than in our express production meant for the exhibition in Costa Rica.

Research Process on the Material

Data Visualization
Data Visualization

3D Models
3D Models

Testing the Limits
Testing the Limits

Production of New Artworks
Production of New Artworks

Progress on Objectives (KPI’s) (progress on project)

  • We learned how to translate data to a physical object.
  • We learned to design various 3D models based on data and do so at scale.
  • We learned how to produce high-quality 3D printed pieces to evoke the concept of the call in a poetic and critical manner.
  • With the studio space, we have started the production of all the pieces that will be part of a final installation in Mexico City.

Short video

Link to short video with final thoughts

What’s Next?

We will continue to produce several art pieces to have a final exhibition in Mexico City before the end of 2024. Stay tuned!

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