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Filomena Slovak

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EIC β€” Grant Report #2

Project Update

I have struggled to frame the project for the whole period of project. At the very end, after 2+ years of research, and thinking, I figured out I need to facilitate live community, which I did. I summed up the principles behind the community in this article which is really short but is the outcome of thousands of hours of process. I plan to develop the draft by each week one more page until it reaches 50+ pages.

Progress on objectives

I facilitate the live group where I brought into practice the principles that I recognized as needed. We would create educational content that will be Web Monetized.

Key activities

I did write many pages, but I am releasing the tip of the iceberg. I plan to release the content we create in the group as web monetized.

Communications and marketing - I annotated some content.

What’s next?

I plan to use web monetization on the content we create in the learning community.

What community support would benefit your project?

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