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What to do with the crises?

What is violence? Spam - the act of giving what was not truly asked for. Choosing disconnection instead of building trust. Breaking the contextual norms and rules for any reason other than love. Ridiculing religion, background, and family. Labeling that restricts growth. Dehumanizing. Destroying the environment.

Violence breeds violence. The journey to embracing the enemy brings immense clarity of purpose and understanding. For we all have the capacity to do both good and evil in us. Only through connecting with the enemy’s world we create a space in us to be kind, including to ourselves and those we care for. The space can be empty but needs to be there. What we exclude returns like a boomerang.

How to stop the vicious cycle? The answer is simple to say but difficult to do. It is through catalyzing the emergence of decentralized circles where people can learn to dance with their aggression working for a common goal. For under any violent act, there is an infinite wound that nothing else but community creativity can heal. Only in the safe space, the #meBrutusToo painful cleansing can take place. Meaningful heaviness. Collective intelligence. The common goal can be the climate. However, the circles can connect over any meaningful goal and should be interconnected like a mosaic.

The circles need to be offered to all - children and adults, prisoners and rulers of the countries, the hurt and those who hurt them, those who work full time on the circle, and those who can devote an hour a week. Those who are caught up in insecurity and greed can be the given promise that they and their children will always have food. The motivation is that everybody can connect with the person they trust the most - under the condition that they will connect with the person they feel the most disdain for. It is as with addressing the poisoned well - we need to address both the symptoms and the source.

The circles need to be hybrid - local and online. Local to allow the exchange - public fridges, a library of things, learning labs, free schools, addressing the problems relevant for the context, human interaction that is irreplaceable, knowledge of the local culture and synchronizing. Online, as these can offer variety and connection of various points of view.

The circles need to be open, sustainable and provide scholarships for the needy. What I call for is a Global Wisdom Graph - a collaborative visual network of knowledge gardens with total inclusivity and monetization, similar to Agora. The Hypothesis with Obsidian and Sigma.js and Networkx. FAAGM can help through collaboration. Functioning curricula can be bought from the slavery of copyright. Imagine a crowdsourced and crowdfunded hybrid community on any topic with web monetization. It can spread on the whole internet.

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