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FMA Explores How To Introduce Coil To Users

To continue our FMA research, we visited numerous websites within the Web Monetization Community with one main goal; to learn and brainstorm how we should communicate Coil to the creators and users of FMA.

All platforms have different content and creators, therefore it was important to explore the possible communication strategies different services have taken to present Coil to their members and users.

The services mentioned below are from different industries and cater to different target groups. Please note, we did not register with the services but merely browsed each page as a new visitor / unknown user of Coil.

[Disclaimer: This article is not intended to offend any of the services we reviewed. Our main goal is to help the community by sharing our research and opinion.]

The main focus of the research is to spot keywords used and observe the general introduction approach to Coil. Before we explored all those interesting services, we had to focus our research first on the Coil website, to see how Coil is introduced, communicated and explained to visitors and members.


Firstly we visited the Coil Home Page, where new users will start learning about Coil and the benefits. Our main observation here is that the focus and approach are targeting all content creators, as individuals, not perse referring to services or companies only but to all.

Visitors will quickly learn about Coil through an inviting summary list of Coil services. We also peaked at the vocabulary used to explain Coil and highlighted the main keywords:

  • A new way to enjoy content
  • Experience web monetized content in your browser while supporting sites you love in real-time.
  • Are you a creator? Monetize your work.
  • What you get as a member/ Become a member: For $5 per month you get access to all web monetized content everywhere on the internet with strong privacy protection.
  • Support creators that have Web Monetization enabled content on their site.
  • Support creators across the internet.
  • Get your Coil Membership for $5 per month.
  • Log in to Coil and enjoy web monetized content and features across the internet


  • Web monetized 5x
  • $5 per month 2x
  • Browser 3x
  • Supporting sites 2x
  • Supporting creators 3x
  • The internet 3x
  • Coil member/membership 3x
  • Privacy Protection 1x

Top conclusions/remarks/findings exploring Coil Creator Home Page:

  1. There is no mention of the word subscription but membership is mentioned 3 times on the home page. The word subscription could be connected to the idea of monthly plans & payments which a lot of online users know by paying numerous services each month and could be strongly more connected to the feeling of a cost. Whereas the word membership connects more to benefits and a feeling of being part of a unity.

  2. The word Web Monetization is written 5 times on the home page, giving the user a clear term to connect Coil with. Since a lot of users are still unaware of Coil and what Web Monetization entails, it is crucial to keep informing and educating users, especially on innovative technologies that will continue to change the way we all consume content online.

  3. Next to mentioning supporting creators 2 times, they also use the term supporting sites instead of partnering up or teaming up. The word support might give the readers a more sense of aid, assistance, helping when connected to Coil and already forms an idea in their minds of the structure and/or norm: to consume content is to support creators.

We continue to the Coil Creator Page where we notice that vocabulary became more formal with more terms. Our general observation here is that the Coil home page starts with; a way to enjoy content and on the creator page writes; a new way to monetize your content, making the approach depending on the specific target group.

Coil also added a brief summary list to introduce the creators to Coil services. We looked at the vocabulary used to explain Coil to creators and highlighted the main keywords:

  • A new way to monetize your content online.
  • Whether you choose to publish on a web monetized platform or your own website, we make it easy for you to get paid for content online.
  • Start monetizing. It's free!
  • Use it with your: Videos, Blog, Articles, Podcast, Game, Stream, Website, Articles
  • Sign up, link your wallet and start monetizing
  • We will guide you through the steps to link your digital wallet.

How does Coil work?

  • Coil Members pay a monthly fee.
  • You set up a digital wallet and monetize your content.
  • Coil streams payments to your wallet while Coil Members enjoy your content.
  • You make money as Coil Members spend time on your web monetized content. The longer they stay, the more money you earn.
  • You need a digital wallet to receive payments! Certain digital wallet providers support a protocol called Interledger. To receive payments from Coil, you need such a wallet.


  • Web monetized platform/content 2x
  • Own website 2x
  • Monetize 4x
  • Your content 4x
  • (Digital) wallet 6x
  • Coil Members 4x
  • Stream/send payments 2x
  • Micropayments 1x
  • Money 3x
  • Interledger 1x

Top conclusions/remarks/findings exploring Coil Creator Page:

  1. Coil refers to users as Coil members and gives more detailed information on how Coil works including payment details. It is clear they have divided the information and level of depth between users and pages.

  2. The word wallet is brought forward 6 times. This does add more understanding to the process and make it more normalized. Moreover, a lot of new users and visitors might not know the ins and outs of how Web Monetization works and by simplifying and finding the correct words where almost all ages can follow goes a long way.

  3. Using the word streams to define the manner of payment flows is wise since it is connected to streaming. Nowadays, the majority are streaming content online thus making it still easy to understand and follow this new procedure.

  4. In three short sentences, Coil manages to give 3 steps to explain how Coil works. Even though there is more information to give, these 3 steps are efficiently put together to understand how Coil works. This is crucial and an important part to successfully communicate Coil to the public.

  5. Coil uses a more subtle approach to further explain Coil payments with the longer the members stay on your content, the more money your earn, it's an easy to get formula, very clear yet super persuasive.

Also on the Coil Creator Page, we got our first glimpse into how other services are defining Coil benefits to their users:

  • Simmer: Distraction-free mode while playing games
  • Cinnamon: Access to the exclusive video library
  • Coil Blogs: Access to exclusive bonus content in articles
  • Back 2 Back: Unlock exclusive game modes


  • Distraction-free 1x
  • Access 2x
  • Exclusive 2x
  • Bonus content 1x
  • Unlock 1x
  1. A Gaming website defined Coil benefits as a distraction-free mode or unlock features which makes it feel a bit more informal but more like going to the next step/next level.

  2. It is clear already that some of the gaming sites definitely matched their Coil language to their gaming environment.

  3. Exclusive and Bonus Content are used when referring to premium content. These are very attractive and persuasive words but it would not work for all websites, some target groups either do not care, are not impressed, or might even be intimidated/hesitant to use the premium side of the service.

The Coil About Page is very simple and does not go into in-depth details but does elaborate more on how it works and the main factors behind it:

  • We do this by using a new, open technology called Web Monetization.
  • Web Monetization enables streaming micropayments - aka tiny fractions of a penny - to instantly flow to websites as you read, watch and listen. Open ecosystem
  • Coil was intentionally built using open technology to ensure compatibility with competing services and any currency so that you and the publishers, platforms, and creators you want to support have more freedom of choice now and in the future.


  • Business model 1x
  • Better ways/access 2x
  • Reward Creators 1x
  • Streaming payments 1x
  • Streaming micropayments 1x
  • Open technology 2x
  • Web monetization 2x
  • Open Ecosystem 1x

Top conclusions/remarks/findings exploring Coil About Page:

  1. Coil uses the word to better for the vision and mission goal of Coil. Since there is a gap between the value of creators and content online, improving or in this case using the word to better, even though solving this gap is urgently necessary, to better makes the mission and vision sound more logical and doable. Using the word to change or to redefine can sound too extreme at times and to some users out there, unlikely.

  2. The word reward is used instead of support, help or credit in connection with an incentive for creators. Even though there is nothing wrong with using this word, it might be best first to identify the environment, the target groups, and the communication norms and styles mainly used.

  3. Coil gives a more simple explanation on Micropayments as tiny fractions of a penny clearly still focusing on the general public understanding of the term Micropayments and also trying to make sure the nontech users can understand right away.

Lastly, on the Coil Discover Page there are not a lot of mentions of in-depth information on Coil but focused on a list of Coil connecting sites to explore. Some sites stuck to using similar words to Coil's website such as exclusive and experience but others still word it based on their target group or service:

  • Imgur Emerald - Enjoy an Ad-Free experience and More.
  • Cinnamon - Watch exclusive videos for Coil Members.
  • Coil Blogs - Read articles with exclusive bonus content.
  • Twitch - We will send Bits to the streamers you watch.
  • Dev - Getting together to help one another out.


  • Ad-free experience 1x
  • Exclusive 2x
  • Coil Members 1x
  • Bonus Content 1x
  • Bits to streamers 1x
  • Help 1x

Top conclusions/remarks/findings exploring Coil Discover Page:

  1. Explaining how Coil works in a short simple sentences can be tricky but feasible since it will be easier to persuade non-tech users to Coil with a general understanding of it but this also boosts curiosity in those who would like to know exactly how it works.
  2. Have different sections to explain Coil in terms of the user and creator. Explain the same way to the user and creator but go further and give the creator more relevant context.
  3. Monetizing could be a new word to many users out there but connecting it with Coil will add deeper brand connection when more monetization services become popular.
  4. Few services are defining and explaining Coil in their own way/connecting to their environment.

Imgur Emerald

On Imgur Emerald, there is a lot of Coil information for their users, with a FAQ on Coil services highlighting the main focus of Imgur Emerald: to reach independence of ads.

Key Words

  • Coil Membership 5x
  • Web Monetize 1x
  • 5$ per month 1x
  • Membership fee 1x
  • One subscription 1x
  • Ad-free Experience 2x
  • Unlock features 2x
  • User-Focused and Community-Focused 1x

Top conclusions/remarks/findings exploring Coil on Imgur Emerald

  1. Formulating and strategize the text to meet the language and understanding of the target groups of the service/ (not using the exact words on the Coil website)
  2. One-sided monetized information: Imgur only mentions Coil membership fee to the service and that Coil supports content providers but no explanation that Imgur users can also be a content creator and benefit from Coil.
  3. Using words like unlocking and features are connected to games and make it sound more of going to the next step/part which makes it seem easier and more interesting to join but the word does not give out all the grand benefits of Coil.
  4. Be transparent and mention the cost/payment but follow up with the perks.
  5. Mentioning that Coil is not obsolete and that users can use/visit the regular website if they do not wish to have Coil.


On the Video platform; Cinnamon where users are content creators, visitors can scroll down and will find a brief section where Coil is introduced as Monetization without algorithms.

Cinnamon talks directly to their content creators and gives in-depth data on the possible amount of payments; Earn 18cents per viewed hour of your originals and 9cents off your shorts. Cinnamon also mentions that due to Coil, content creators will get paid 4 times per second.

With this direct approach to target their creators, the service has opted to add an extra creative feature for creators: a calculator to calculate your revenue in your account in connection to total watch time.


  • Web Monetization 2x
  • Earn 1x
  • Your Originals 1x
  • Your Shorts 1x
  • Content Creators 1x
  • Revenue 2x
  • Seconds/Hours 1x

Top conclusions/remarks/findings exploring Coil on Cinnamon

  1. Even though the Coil communication on Cinnamom is very brief, the approach was created to strategically present Coil services to creators. A strong approach; highlighting right away how much creators receive for the hours watched /viewed.
  2. Cinnamon altered the information to cater directly to the interest of visitors and manage to give them already an idea of how they can earn micropayments, the "show me the money" formula. This approach is short but impactful and is a solid start to begin to understand the logistics behind monetization of their content.

Robot Butt

Users do not see Coil or the mention of a digital wallet on the home page of Robot Butt but in the sections/categories options, there are is Members Only button.

The approach taken is that new users will read: Join the Coil Comedy Collective! The page has a Coil header image with the different logos of comedy services connected with Coil and the image is clickable redirecting users to the Coil site.


  • Members-only 3x
  • Comedy Bundle 1x
  • Collective 3x
  • Latest exclusive 2x
  • Team up 1x
  • Satire sites 1x

Top conclusions/remarks/findings exploring Coil on Robot Butt

  1. Defining the Coil community as a collective is a positive direction and more attractive to follow up on. Seems like a big collaboration between all which is unique to users and why it is so interesting.
  2. Even though they do reference the collective to be more in the sector of the comedy services it does still gives more meaning to Coil as an advantage.
  3. Also using team up gives more emphasis on the word collective and puts a more positive spin on all other services, takes away the feeling of competition and comparisons for users.

The Nordly

On The Nordly website, users will be introduced to a Coil header fixed to each page, and Coil is mentioned as teaming up with the service and writes: a membership service that helps support online comedy creators. The header is clickable and heads to Coil Comedy page for satire sites.


  • Membership 3x
  • Service 2x
  • Online comedy creators 1x
  • Unlock 1x
  • Special features 1x

Top conclusions/remarks/findings exploring Coil on The Norldy:

  1. The approach is simple, super-efficient, and keeps informing each user when roaming all over The Nordly.
  2. Since The Nordly supports writers, it makes sense to mention the support to creators rather than the beginning with the feature to visit numerous sites.
  3. Users will be curious to know which other sites are with Coil.

Widget Magazine

In the home page of Widget and on every page you visit, there is a header mentioning: 20+ sites, ∞ perks, 1 low price. Subscribe!" and goes directly to Coil Comedy page.

Coil is mentioned only 1 time on the home page but there are 2 links to direct you to Coil website via the home page. When users click on the Widget subscribe page, they will find the web monetization to verify if they have a Coil account.


  • Perks 2x
  • One Low price 3x
  • Partner sites 1x
  • Subscribe 2x
  • Peers 2x
  • Coil Comedy bundle 2x
  • Exclusive bonus content 1x

Top conclusions/remarks/findings exploring Coil on The Norldy:

  1. Even though the message is very vague if you have never heard of Coil since the Widget website, it is still a smart way to introduce users to Coil, instead of saying checkout Coil, they already told you what it has.
  2. Widget also refers to premium content as perks and refers to other coil connected satire sites as peers.
  3. Calling premium content as bonus content while mentioning one low price even though at a low price is commonly used, using one is more convincing since a lot of subscriptions has 2 or 3 different types of prices and packages users must choose from.


On js13k, the approach of introducing Coil to their users is a very smart and tactical one. Since the gaming site hosts competitions for game developers. js13k has created a web monetization competition for their participants to compete in. And the prizes are also well-thought including Coil membership plans for six months each for every participant.


  • Web Monetization 2x
  • Get paid 2x
  • Your games 2x
  • Coil subscribers 1x
  • Micropayments 1x
  • Supportive players 1x
  • Additional content 1x
  • Expanding game mechanics 1x
  • Digital wallet 1x
  • Coil membership 1x

Top conclusions/remarks/findings exploring Coil on js13k:

  1. This approach is still connected to their services but is a more creative and strategic approach to introduce Coil, a challenge, and a prize.
  2. Adding a competition where users must implement web monetization is a great way to understand Coil better next to using it, pushing the knowledge of web monetization further.

There are many different approaches services can take to introduce Coil to their users. There are also services that approached this process in a more common and social manner; via a blog post.

  1. In the Coil developers community, CSS Tricks introduces Coil through a blog post/manual titled: Site Monetization with Coil (and Removing Ads for Supporters) The writer gives detailed instructions and explanations to readers on how to implement Coil. Even though this approach is not dependent on the visitors passing by all the time but clearly informs the specific reader interested to learn how to work with Coil.

  2. Another example is of the developer Sally Lait that introduces Coil in a blog post called: Exploring Web Monetization where she shares her interest and views on Coil. This approach is more subjective than using keywords to communicate information about Coil but can be a very effective approach to convince users since personal stories/ experiences and opinions have more influence and impact.

FMA - Free Music Archive

For the visitors, users, and members of Free Music Archive, it is important that we find the best approach and keywords to efficiently and effectively communicate Coil benefits on FMA. With this research and findings, we will brainstorm for the communication and language of Coil on FMA.

We understand all services have different users and backgrounds but we believe in the importance of learning from our peers, having a united front, and therefore strengthen the Coil community for creators, as we continue the rebuild of FMA.

If you are in need of music for your projects, games, and creations, please feel free to pass by Free Music Archive and check out the immense catalog of music shared daily by amazing independent artists and musicians around the world.

Meghan LaclΓ©
Free Music Archive

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