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FMA's Treasure Hunt - MozFest 2022 Web Monetization Action Plan

Project Description

As most of you know, music is still the #1 enabler to interact with your audience. So especially for MozFest 🦊 2022 we are launching the first ever, web monetized, online Treasure Hunt!

First Prize

Coil will offer ALL MozFest atttendees a free 6-month trial and $10 in free tipping credits to start streaming payments and supporting web monetized content. Amazing!!! Free Music Archive will reward the attendees playing our Treasure Hunt with more free goodies and.... one of them will receive our first prize 🥇 These cool BOSE noise canceling earbuds.

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How to prepare for the Treasure Hunt?

MozFest attendees will be asked by Coil to activate their free trial. Once activated they can install the Coil browser extension, login to Coil and visit FMA's Treasure Hunt page. We actually created a welcome / help page for people without the extension installed and an instruction page for people who installed the extension but forgot to login to Coil first.
🆘 In all cases we included an email address for additional help.

If the extenstion is installed and they are logged in, this Treasure Hunt will unlock magically:

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Treasure Hunt Objective

During the Treasure Hunt you will get 6 clues 🧩 from us to find 6 words on web monetized pages. If you use the 'tipping' feature in the Coil browser extension during the Treasure Hunt we will unlock 1 more clue. This last clue reveals itself in the 'thank you' popup after tipping. The 7th clue will help you to put the 6 words in the correct order to finish the Treasure Hunt Sentence we are looking for.


You will find the first word by visiting the web monetized artist page of Another Brick. On this page you will find an album named ‘Avant la Lettre’. Start track #6 ‘Hear the Birds’. What instrument do you hear from 01m41s onwards? Write down the name of this instrument. Like ‘clue 1 = ...’


Free Music Archive was involved in an earlier Coil tipping experiment and we ❤️ this feature. The interface for tipping has improved. This is how it looks like right now:

Image description

You can change the tipping amount with the '-', '+' symbols or the presets $1, $2 or $5. When you hit the 'send' button and confirm your tip an animated 'thank you' image will pop up. We made this one special by including another clue that will help the participant to finish the Treasure Hunt successfully. This is a screenshot of the animation:

Image description

Web Monetized Resources at MozFest

Free Music Archive has integrated web monetization in several ways:

  1. Some of our own pages are web monetized e.g. 'home', 'search', 'genres' like 'hip-hop' and even a podcast episode.

  2. Tipping. As explained above.

  3. Every artist individually can enable web monetization on his/her Free Music Archive Artist page. See screenshot below.

Image description

Examples of web monetized FMA artist pages are:

Please, share our Treasure Hunt

Image to share on Social Media

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Link to share on Social Media

Sample post for Twitter
Part of FMAs Next (Creator Empowerment) program: @freemusicarchiv is launching their first ever, web monetized, Music Treasure Hunt during #MozFest2022! This is fun! More here:

Our payment pointer supports the Empowerment of Creators

This Treasure Hunt is part of a bigger project, FMA Next. FMA Next will help individual musicians with tooling, exposure, revenue models and our full support. Step by step we will add more super powers to their FMA page in the upcoming months.

Empowerment of Creators? Why now?

The FMA team has been on a journey to improve Free Music Archive for all participating musicians, netlabels, curators and millions of fans worldwide. But we think it's not enough.

The world has drastically changed for self-releasing music creators. Live music events were paused, fans are hardly buying CDs anymore and major streaming services facilitate millions of musicians but only the happy few are featured on their popular playlists. FMA is privileged to have a strong online presence with over 2,5 million websites linking back to our home page, half a million daily visitors and over 1 million page views every 24 hours. With these numbers, strong partners and our vision to focus on empowerment we have a great opportunity to ❤️ help individual creators anywhere in the world ❤️.

We welcome your help!

You are here so you are interested in web monetization. So first of all, be our eyes and ears. Test our Treasure Hunt or the individual web monetized pages. Reach out to Meghan ( to share your findings, comments, suggestions, ideas. And feel free to pitch any project you are involved in or know about that should matter to us.

Example: Can FMA facilitate podcasters to monetize their podcast episodes on
Yes, we can. Here is an example of a web monetized podcast on FMA!

Let's Stay Connected

We love to hear from you. As mentioned, if you have any suggestion, question or comment regarding the Treasure Hunt feel free to email Meghan ( Anything relevant but not per se related to this MozFest experiment? Welcome! Connect with our Chief of Noise, Hessel.

Did you make it all the way to the end?

Incredible! As a big thank you we want to reward you with this MozFest 2022 playlist. Web monetized of course. Just hit the big 'PLAY PAGE' button in the top right corner and enjoy your day!

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