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Discussion on: The Brick House Cooperative: The Ownership Project for Libraries — Grant Report #1

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I hope microtipping for journalists, comic artists, etc really helps these professionals continue their super important work.... thanks for the update Maria!

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Chris Lawrence

@gfam how much did you follow our MozFest tipping work? You should check in with @ericahargreave on this. I also have some accounts that have tipping if you wanted to experiment.

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Erica Hargreave

Hi @gfam, Here are the details on signing up for and utilising those free pre-paid experimental tipping accounts: It would be great if you could let people that you are looking to invite into gfam community know about these and invite them to sign up for and experiment with. They are available with a MozFest sign up until June 25th. The plan is to host some tipping parties over the next few months, provided people are signing up for those accounts. Would be great to have members of the gfam community a part of that.

If anyone in your community wants help in understanding what Web Monetization is or in beginning to Web Monetize their assets, I am happy to offer tutorials.