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Discussion on: What's the Value of a Like?

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We're extremely interested in this exact question, as we are talking to lots of creators now who are less interested in likes and more interested in a little bit of money... but to have some metrics makes those conversations a lot easier!

I couldn't get past the email subscription part of your website... when I clicked on 'Continue to website' after entering the email address it said I was blocked.

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Jon Clement Author

Yes, for smaller audiences there are likely more relevant metrics then raw 'like' counts. There may be a benefit of grouping creatives by type to avoid the apples-to-orange comparisons -- which would allow a shift to a subset of metrics to chase. This new article touches on that
re: website. Ah yes, well the public facing website isn't there yet. But we must have missed the mailchimp setting that does the link. Thanks!