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Gunnar de Jong for Gradual

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An introduction to community skill sharing

Hi there everyone! I want to take this opportunity to introduce Gradual to the community. We're a new grantee and we're setting out to initiate a journey for all of us to learn from and with each other.

In fast-moving, innovative domains - like the Web Monetization community - technical systems and the knowledge required to contribute are often so dynamic that structured learning resources aren’t widely available. We want to empower members in the Web Monetization community with a safe and accessible space to learn with others as we grow into a healthy, social and connected ecosystem!

Join us here:

It works very simple:

  1. You fill in what you’d like to learn or share. Anything is welcome!
  2. See how you connect to other gftw community members via skills, interests and learning desires.
  3. We help you set up or join a session so everyone benefits!

Over the coming months I'll be updating us on new sessions that emerge and helping you to get connected further so we all get the most out of this cohort.

Looking forward to connecting!

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