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Web monetization on Gradual!

Hey everyone!

During our time as part of the cohort this year it has been our aim to make it easy and fun to see what feels most alive and take action on shared interests with each other. On the community hub you'll now find over 15 sessions of zoom calls, peer shares and skill shares. Based on your registered interests, we have hosted 6 unique skill sharing sessions together:

● Session on Decentralized learning at Mozfest
● Gftw - gradual community call
● Lessons Learned from past and current gftw projects
● Web Monetization earning with tutorials on gFam Learn
● Community Call around Digital Gardening
● Ways to web monetize your work: examples from the community

And this does not even include some of the other community calls that have been hosted by and for the community - you can watch the recordings back on the dedicated session pages!

Web Monetized

One of the great things we've learned is that having your online content web monetized can act as a stimulus for sharing it with others in the community and beyond. Additionally, the ability to publish content in a web monetized space can also motivate people to produce new content in the first place.

By implementing the option of adding a custom payment pointer on individual Gradual Session pages, we will enable content creators to share their skills (e.g. in the form of a video/call recording or written post) and attract micro payments from their audience. This means that any added previous community calls will be payment pointer allocated.

What we need from you

If you have hosted one of the sessions that is featured on our community hub, we would love for you to have your unique payment pointers allocated to the session pages so you can start generating revenue from clicks and streams!

Please forward your payment pointers to or leave a comment below before December 14th so we can add it to your pages. You can also decide to leave it so any incoming streams which will directly go into future development of Gradual.

Enjoy the rest of your week,

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Gunnar de Jong
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Hi Gunnar! Thanks for tagging me. gFam's payment pointer is $

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Gunnar de Jong

thanks Adam!

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Gunnar de Jong

As well as @hessel @tawandabrandon - see this post if you'd like your facilitated sessions to be monetized!

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Chris Lawrence

Get us a list and we can email everyone directly as well