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Bi-Weekly Discussion: Are you in scope?

New GftW awardee Ciaran Cummins of project DEMOS reaches out and wants to explore the future of web monetization within the community.

I'm Ciaran Cummins and I'm a researcher at the think-tank Demos. We're really grateful to be a new Grant for the Web grantee and excited to make a start on our project. It seeks to understand through deliberative workshops, what those on low or no pay from online work in the UK think is a fair and desirable future for monetised online work.

Core to this is speaking to the right people. So in the spirit of tapping into this fantastic community space, we'd love to hear your thoughts on who should be involved: which kinds of online workers on low or no pay are essential to have in the room to understand how best to shape the future of web monetisation? Importantly too, what's not in scope? An implicit question we'll explore is what, after all, is and isn't work online?

Thanks in advance and can't wait to speak more with you all!

If you have would like to reach out or leave a word of advice head over to Ciaran’s post and leave a comment.

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