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Help us run our MozFest simulation game

This MozFest, we are running a game with our friends at TechDirt, Copia Institute and Leveraged Play, that explores the future of money, payments, and monetization through a fun, dystopian future setting. We're looking for a few awesome volunteers to be faction captains and non-player-characters to help create a great experience for the players.

Faction captains are full players of the game with some extra responsibility to keep their group of players focused and on schedule. Non-player-characters take on the role of key figures in the setting and get to roleplay and negotiate with the players.

If you volunteer, we'll ask that you show up 30 minutes before the event for a quick briefing and that you stay until the end of the event. There's no other advanced prep-work.

If you're interested, please fill out this form which lists the times for the three sessions that we're running the game.

MozFest photo credit: Erik Westra (@erikwestra) / Westra & Co.

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