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Your Weekly Roundup

MozFest wrapped today and what a week it has been!

Jam packed with what else but The Grand MozFest Web Monetization Experiment, action plans, sessions facilitated by Web Monetization community members, fireside chats and rounding out the week a Tip-A-Thon!

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The Grand MozFest Web Monetization Experiment

The Experiment co-facilitated by Chris Lawrence and Erica Hargreave presented 3 sessions sharing how the MozFest Community can use the Web Monetization Standard to monetize their MozFest resources, assets and content.

Session 1

  • Participants were introduced to the experiment, explored what the Web Monetization Standard is, the philosophies behind it in building towards a more equitable web, the basics to how it works, the opportunities it presents and current challenges that it faces.

Session 2

  • Chris and Erica helped participants get started on Web Monetizing your MozFest resources and assets, enabling you to take part in the Grand MozFest Web Monetization Experiment at MozFest 2022 and support an internet health initiative of your choosing, discover how to get your pre-paid Coil account with free MozFest tips to give out, and learn to Web Monetize your MozFest resources and assets including websites, videos, forum discussions, events, shared workspaces, games, and more with payment pointer directed to internet health initiatives of your choosing.

Session 3

  • As The Experiment got underway, you were invited to discover how creatives are Web Monetizing their resources and assets through a variety of case studies. Then join us in brainstorming and troubleshooting as you and your fellow attendees begin to create your own action plan for Web Monetizing your MozFest resources and assets to support an internet health initiative of your choosing.

You can continue to experiment with Web Monetization and learn more you find more resources here

Action Plans Abound

Community members created and shared their action plans of Web Monetized resources and assets in our community forem and at MozFest, here are few from this week.

Rashon Massey wants to find ways for content creators and small business owners to adopt web monetization.

As a content creator and small business owner, the supplemental wellness education that I provide has become both a driver of new customers, as well as a retention tool for active customers in between their purchases. While I am building a completely new web monetized website via Wordpress and the Coil-plugin, I am currently utilizing web monetization on my website (, YouTube channel (@micopeia) and on Cinnamon Video. In time, as a value proposition, customers of will receive free trial memberships to Coil, allowing them access to my new web monetized website; however, for current Coil subscribers, you can visit my existing website, YouTube and Cinnamon channels to engage with the content I have been building thus far.

Tani Olhanoski’s action plan, the Exquisite Garden is Web Monetized and invites participants to reimagine the story of the Web.

Exquisite Garden is an interactive, Web Monetized collaborative storytelling experience. It is inspired by the parlor game Exquisite Corpse created by the surrealists over 100 years ago, and reimagined as a “digital garden” built on social linked data (Solid), in which multiple stories can branch and grow concurrently with links between each contributor’s work.

All MozFest attendees who participate in the Exquisite Garden exercise have the option of adding their payment pointer to their content contribution, or choose one of the organization payment pointers being promoted by the festival. Once the final story is published at the end of MozFest, any time someone visits the page we will randomly select one of the participants’ payment pointers, weighted by how much content they contributed to the overall story.

To learn more about all the exciting Web Monetization action plans, you can find them here.

MozFest Sessions

This week was full of interesting sessions ranging from arts & culture to AI, mindfulness & dance wellness, Web 3.0 and fireside chats

Philo van Kemenade of project Gradual led this session From Arts & Culture to AI and back: how can we build a two-way street? and discussed the mutual benefits between arts & culture and AI development, raising questions not only about how galleries, libraries, archives and museums benefit from AI, but also how AI development benefits from artists and cultural heritage. You can watch Philo’s session here.

This session Creating Wellness Breaks in Your Online Work and Learning Day 3: Dance Wellness facilitated by past GftW grantee Briana Stuart founder of Creative Living for Dancers focuses on the importance of incorporating wellness breaks and balance into our work days through taking relaxation and exercise breaks in our day. You can learn more from Briana on the topic of wellness Creating Wellness Breaks in Your Online Work and Learning Day 3: Dance Wellness. PS you can also find other wellness sessions led by Pamela Alexander and Erica Hargreave also led wellness sessions, you can also watch both here.

Let’s talk about Web 3.0 and what Decentralized Web means to us led by Vineel Reddy of Interledger Foundation and Jessica Jabr focused on building a shared understanding of the decentralized web, how it evolved from Web 1.0 and Web 2.0. The opportunity and challenges for the builders, creators, the tools to explore and get involved.

During MozFest, Erica Hargreave also hosted the live broadcast podcast, Web Monetized at MozFest, via the Fireside Chat App with Mark Boas and others. The recordings from which will be posted to Free Music Archive during the post-festival festival.

For more on these exciting sessions, you find them [here- (

The Grand Mozilla Festival Web Monetization Experiment Tip-A-Thon!

Participants had the chance to tour the gallery of resources created for or at the Mozilla Festival! With your activated complimentary MozFest Coil subscription, so you could stream & tip support to organizations, people, and projects looking to broaden financial inclusion on the web.

What a great way to end the week, tipping at MozFest!

Shoutouts and a Round Of Applause

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A huge thank you goes to Erica, Chris, & Philo & Gunnar of Gradual for helming The Grand MozFest Web Monetization Experiment and to our Community Members who shared their resources, facilitated sessions and simply attended MozFest.

Thank you and see you next week on the community space and next year at MozFest!

Header Image by MelSi from Pixabay

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