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Introducing our first technical scholar, Sid Vishnoi

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As the technology around Web Monetization continues to mature, Grant for the Web sees an opportunity to place talented and enthusiastic developers onto the engineering teams of influential web development organizations. While many organizations are deeply interested in exploring Web Monetization, not all engineering departments possess the necessary combination of technical skills, experience, and flexibility to thoughtfully investigate and implement the Interledger Protocol and Web Monetization API in their platforms.

Recognizing this gap, Grant for the Web has launched a Technical Scholars program to pair knowledgeable developers with influential web development organizations. Our first Technical Scholar is Sid Vishnoi, who is working with the Firefox team at Mozilla to create a reference implementation of the Web Monetization specification in the browser engine Gecko.

I am excited to explore how we can bring Web Monetization to the Web Platform. For Web Monetization to become viable, native support in browsers is critical. – Sid Vishnoi

One goal of Sid’s technical scholarship is to determine if Web Monetization works using existing web technologies, or if new browser infrastructure is required to support the Interledger Protocol. He’ll also examine the potential implications for a browser from a privacy and security perspective, and ensure currently specified solutions are robust enough to work with modern web development practices.

Collaborating with browser vendors is critical to the success of Web Monetization so we are particularly excited that Mozilla has agreed to become Grant for the Web’s first host organization. As part of the program, host organizations must acknowledge that the work funded under a technical scholarship is for the public benefit and development of scholar’s capacities, and not for the primary benefit of the host organization.

Grant for the Web is actively pursuing additional web development organizations to act as hosts for technical scholars. Please reach out to us if you would like to discuss this opportunity.

Connect with Sid here and see his progress report

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Andrzej Mazur

Sounds great, I hope this will encourage browser vendors to implement Web Monetization sooner than later!

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César Incio

Excellent opportunity Sid. As an Spanish translator, I would like to contribute to this project translating the most urgent information in this platform to include other language communities like the large Spanish speaking community. :)

Sloan, the sloth mascot
Comment deleted
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Christine John • Edited

Hello there, Sid! This is fantastic. We are also excited about the future of Custom Phd Thesis Help . We are a non-profit social media and content platform focused on the environment and improving our communities.

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Greg • Edited

Hello Sid! This is great. We are also excited about the future of web monetization. We are a non-profit social media and content platform focused on the environment and improving our communities.

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Raydia Ristaldo

Glad to be a part of your group. I love this kind of stuff thank you very much

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Dave Mackey

This is a great idea, congratulations to @sid !

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Tillock Watson

Truly appreciate the work.