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Join us for the June Community Call hosted by GftW awardee Andrey Torres

Hello GftW Community,

We’re excited to continue our monthly series of community engagements and are pleased to invite you to our next Community Call on June 23, 2022 at 4:00 pm EDT / 8:00 pm GMT-3 hosted by Grant for the Web awardee Andrey Torres of project PipeWebMonetization.

To register go to:

Andrey and guest speakers Gabriel Eiji and Danilo Mirandawill will lead a conversation about Web monetization into the WordPress ecosystem.

Have you ever tried to use the web monetization technology in your WordPress website? Was it hard for you? Come here to talk and learn about the utilization of the web monetization technology into the WordPress ecosystem.

Andrey’s project, PipeWebMonetization, will facilitate the insertion of Web Monetization in the development of websites by leveraging WordPress, creating the possibility of users to leverage their existing businesses and websites by adding a possible new form of income through Web Monetization. The project will be successful when WordPress users, be they power users or not, can easily implement Web Monetization in their businesses.


  • Introduce the PipeWebMonetization project
  • Talk about our technologies and infrastructure
  • Talk about our discoveries and interviews across the WordPress Community
  • Talk about Future
  • Q&A section

This call will be an hour. We will use Zoom and collaborative note taking for this event. We acknowledge that for a global community this time may not be friendly to all timezones so we will be recording the call to share and commit to moving these monthly meetings to different times going forward.

This is an ongoing series of live community gatherings that will focus on building connections, sharing knowledge, and advancing the Web Monetization ecosystem.

Watch Now!

And if you missed last month’s Community Call hosted by Erika Kitzmiller and Steven Goss you can watch it here

Erika Kitzmiller and Steven Goss, advisors for the 11/30 Youth Collaborative project, provided an overview of the project and invited attendees to discuss the potentials and limitations of web monetization for grassroots, community-based projects.

Other Upcoming Community Events

Join Gradual’s Upcoming Session Lessons Learned from past and current gftw projects on Friday, June 10th, 2022 at 3-4 PM CET


We would love to invite any current or past GftW grantees to share some insights on things we have learned about Web Monetization so far. Any lessons gathered out of previous cohorts or current projects are welcome so together we can figure out how best to implement web monetization into our projects!

This session will be co-hosted by Alison Guzman, Christian Dawson and Amanda Figueroa from [the Curationist].

Christian will be walking us through a previous Sustainable Financing Study they did in the past and then Amanda will be helping us start to unpack all the hard questions they ended up with afterwards, about how to run a project like in a way that achieves real equity.

We do hope you can join our community events!

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