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Join Us! Grant for the Web January Community Call hosted by Kult

We’re excited to continue our monthly series of community engagements and are pleased to invite you to our next Community Call! on Thursday, January 27th at 3:00 pm UTC hosted by GftW Awardee Kult's Patrick Rahy & Helena Tude.

Patrick will host this Community Call with the help of Helena Tude, also of Kult, to discuss how they are already implementing Web Monetization on Kult as well as future possibilities for this amazing technology on the platform. offers a space to share, discover, and save books, movies, TV series, songs, and podcasts, while monetizing content curators with micropayments via Web Monetization/Interledger Protocol.

About Kult:

Kult is a network-based platform for culture & entertainment content curation supported by a community-rewarding system. We believe that human curation is the best way to discover and promote amazing content online. We give voice to people instead of letting algorithms decide what is worth our time.

We do hope you can join us! To register go to:

Looking forward to seeing you on January 27th!

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