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Recording of the MOVA (Monetizing Open Video Assets) Community Skill Share

Here is the recording of the December 2021 Community Skill Share with MOVA.

What is covered in the video

How can filmmakers connect films with a Payment Pointer and share their Monetization income with cast, crew, influencers & investors automatically?

MOVA (Monetising Open Video Assets) discusses how they build on the Payment Pointer accounts at the heart of Web Monetization to register a video file with a pointer, and then distribute income received to it with the right people in the right order.

During this Community Skill Share session, the MOVA team discussed how their project links Web Monetisation with Open Video, demonstrating for the first time two developments:

  • a multi-step, multi-payee revenue sharing system, running inside the open-source CiviCRM, that pays out and tracks income. This uses a new human and computer-readable syntax, Revenue Sharing Language;

  • a proposed decentralized registry of video fingerprints, matched with Payment Pointers, and other metadata such as Creative Commons license. Entries can be added through a new Mac, Windows, and Linux desktop app, which will generate an International Standard Content Code (ISCC) fingerprint of a video, then register it on a shared Holochain database.


The ISCC is a new identifier for documents and media offering a lightweight fingerprint that, unlike the hash used by NFTs, recognises the underlying media, despite changes in transcoding, resolution, or file size. So a screengrab of a photo should have the same content identifier as the original.

Holochain is a distributed ledger technology that differs from Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Work blockchains by having a closed ledger unique to all users of a Holochain App (hApp) – and then uses a 'Gossip Protocol' to establish trust. One of the first public Holochain apps is Acorn, created by Connor and Pegah – who have built the desktop app ISCC generation and registry app for MOVA.

CiviCRM is an open-source CRM for non-profits, charities, and social enterprises, used by over 11,0000 organisations from Wikimedia to the New York State Senate, and integrating fully with WordPress, Drupal, Backdrop, and Joomla.

Open Video Architecture, as established at the New York Open Video Conference in 2009, considers video & rights data, platform, and player as potentially separate (similar to the web’s separation of website & DNS, search engine, and browser). This could allow groups like independent cinemas, film blogs, and film festivals to curate online film spaces around their interests, without having to negotiate the rights with every filmmaker or rightsholder, who need to declare their license terms online just once.

MOVA is a Grant for the Web funded project looking to bring this together. (

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