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Register now for this month's community events

Hello and Happy Monday!

There's still to time register for our upcoming free community events hosted by GftW awardees Hessel van Oorschot and Meghan Laclé of Free Music Archive and Gavin Chait of Qwyre on April 19 and April 25.

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Community Call

Join us on Tuesday, April 19 at 9:00 am EST for a Community Call hosted by GftW awardees Hessel van Oorschot and Meghan Laclé of Free Music Archive.

During this call, Hessel and Meghan want to discuss how they are creating avenues to empower self-releasing artists and spend time with the participants to share opinions and (our) lessons learned.


  • Quick intro
  • Free Music Archive (FMA) Next context - why relevant?
  • What seems to work on our portal so far?
  • Input all: How to effectively communicate a new technology to creatives?
  • Input all: Suggestions for FMA Next? Or what not to do :-)
  • Input all: How can we help each other to grow the necessary momentum?

To register for this event go to:

About Free Music Archive:
Free Music Archive (FMA) is an iconic, free to access, music portal attracting half a million visitors a day. While artists, netlabels and curators can already release their music under their own terms on FMA we want to push forward: FMA Next will empower creators and curators to engage with their audience, experiment with multiple revenue streams and stay in control of their valuable assets and data.

Up Next! Project Skill Sharing Community Event

We are also excited to bring our next Project Skill Sharing community event hosted by awardee Gavin Chait of Qwyre on Monday, April 25 at 10:00 am EST.

Join Gavin Chait, scifi author, and developer of, as he shares his experience in developing for monetization, and offers guidance and thoughts on how to integrate the APIs into your own mobile project. Also, learn about African science fiction, and share a coffee during this event.

Web Monetization for Mobile, streaming ebooks on

Streaming means deliberately breaking data into chunks and streaming those in a format that permits live, iterative, building of the digital object from these chunks while also serving the content in that dynamic object. For text, and ebooks specifically, that means a stream of words. Except they also have to carry markup so they're formatted properly on arrival.

And, because most people read on mobile devices, we need to support web monetization in a mobile browser where most people don't use the only browser which natively supports monetization.


  • Intro to Qwyre
  • Demo of,
  • Design considerations for the workflow in reading and monetization,
  • API gotchas for mobile, as well as refreshing tokens and ensuring continuity for the reader,
  • Future development, including ways in which the monetization API can be improved,
  • Drink coffee, tell stories.
  • Q&A

To register for this event go to:

About Qwyre:
Qwyre is a collaborative publishing platform, allowing authors to earn streaming micropayments as people read their work. And we can do this because of Web Monetization.

Each call will be an hour long and will take place on Zoom and will be recorded. We acknowledge that for a global community this time may not be friendly to all timezones so we will be recording the call to share and commit to moving these monthly meetings to different times going forward.

You and your team can register (free) for both events at the links provided above. The Zoom link will be shared in the Eventbrite invite and note taking document to all those who register for the session ahead of the call.

We hope you can join both events!

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