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Weekly Round-Up Post! (June 25th, 2021)

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The Grant for the Web Program Team is taking a week off!

The Interledger Foundation is closed for a summer break and the Grant for the Web Program Team will be away beginning June 25. We will be back on July 6.

For grantee-related matters, please contact and we will address upon our return.

But we can't leave until we serve up some hot updates!

Our first community call!

This was so fun, we can't wait until the one next month! You can watch the recording and read the collaborative notes in the post!

Coil wants you to TikTok until you can't stop

Promote your GftW projects, get boosted to do it! Details from Liz at Coil. Can't wait to have my daughter finally impressed by my job once one of your videos trends!

Privacy by design: Go deep on the intersection of Web Monetization, Citizen Science and Solid

After a delayed start this team is on fire this is an interesting report that everyone should read. Gijs and his team are diving into fascinating stuff!

Showcase your work at the Web Monetization Workshop

The community of maintainers for the Web Monetization API and Coil are hosting a Web Monetization Workshop. Find the general details here. They will be have a project showcase and need projects! In our opinion these should all be your work! So submit your projects!

WM Dev Shops for hire!

The team at Vivid IoV Labs is an excellent team who are now hanging their shingle for hire to help teams navigate the world of WM, blockchain and other relevant technologies.

Projects wrapping up: The Faithful

I believe that one day we will look back and understand what pioneers Annie Berman and Matt Mankins have been with their work here. Her report show we have a long way to go with legitimate WM driven business models, but this work is key to advancing us. A must read report.

More projects wrapping up: Freesound Licensing

On the surface this is a hard report to read because they weren't able to reach all their goals. We know that can be frustrating. However to us this is success. The team has done incredible research work, has added to our collective understanding of the teach, and will be ready when things like Rafiki advance the ecosystem. Grant funding is as much about the journey of discovery as it is the final results.

Header image is by Photo by Motoya Kawasaki on Flickr and is shared via a Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) license.

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