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Helping Minority Content Creators Monetize on the Web — Grant Report #2

In my last update, I shared that I would be able to return with an even more exciting followup post, if our advising team here at GftW were to approve of a budget reallocation.


I’m BEYOND excited to share that my whole entire life has done a full circle moment, as I will be starting a weekly LIVE broadcast series via my Coil-linked YouTube and Twitch channels! As a content creator AND small business owner, this is a MAJOR moment for me.

Starting Sunday, March 07, 20201 - join me, @micopeia on YouTube and Twitch! The time is currently set for 7pm ET, and we’ll be spending this first month ‘celebrating the individual that is you’, discussing basic self care tips, hacks and ways we can further invest into ourselves. I’ve structured moments within each broadcast, to specifically discuss Coil, web monetization, Interledger, Puma Browser and Cinnamon! My first GftW mentee associated with my funded project will be my tentative guest on the March 14, 2021 live broadcast, and I’m working with my other two mentees on when it will be best for them since Sunday’s aren’t ideal; HOWEVER, we do have some dates set to do cross-promotion that I will share with everyone, sometime during the top of March.

I’m super excited about all of this, and I invite you to jump over to my Coil to read the real heart and soul behind why this return to LIVE broadcasting is so major for me!

I’ll be back next month, with more dates and updates to look forward to from this project!

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