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Hostbeak Kreators Finalists Announced

Hello everyone,
We are proud to inform you that the finalists for the HostBeak Kreators programme have been announced!
One thing we never anticipated was how long the selection process would take.
We had a hard time selecting from the amazing entries we got but some simply stood out.

See the winners:

The Virtual Classes will commence this weekend and will run for a month!

You can view some of the winners on social media:

We can't wait to start the programme, train these amazing creators and assign them to their respective mentors. For the past months, we also prepared content to guide the creators and a support channel incase they encounter any issues after the training.

We have sent all the finalists Emails and Text messages congratulating them and links to join a private platform where we will be constantly communicating with them.

At the moment, the Kreators are currently getting to know each other and preparing for the training.

By the end of the program, the creators should have all the knowledge and resources needed to build, manage and monetize their website.

Also, We are pleased to also announce that Coil has decided to give all the winners 6 months of free coil subscription to the creators and other perks to those who perform outstandingly.

The curriculum is ready and we are going to receive a representative from Coil to show the Kreators how to monetize their Website with Coil during one of the training sessions.
After each LIVE trainning session, they will put all they have learnt to practice, and meet their mentors for any guidance they may need.

It is really amazing seeing various creators from different countries all coming together in a single platform and we simply can't wait to launch these creators into monetizing their content and craft online.

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Congrats for the winner πŸŽ‰

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Ogoluwa Ojewale

Thank you @radhyr