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A short week brings a few updates!

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Future|Money Art & Culture Grant Application Closes April 3rd

There’s still time to submit your proposal. The application window for the Future|Money Art & Culture Grant for artists to access US$25,000 in funding closes Monday, April 3 at 11:59 pm (EST).

All applications must be submitted via Submittable, you can access the link here to apply.

At the core of the Future|Money inti/vation is the intent to enable creators and innovators to realize a future where you earn or share money, and where you live does not impact the financial services you can access.

FUTURE|MONEY is the first in our new Arts & Cultural stream of awards, which we call Inti/vations. “Inti/vations” is a portmanteau of intention and innovation, centered on the idea that intention exists within the creative core, acting as a catalyst for empathy to evoke positive human reaction. Through empathic, intentional expressions of a financially inclusive future, new systems of economic justice can emerge through the liminal scenarios created.

We hosted 5 Office Hours sessions over the course of March. Many questions were answered and a lot of dialogue about this grant. You can watch the recordings here.

Good luck to all who apply!

Community Update

Community member Radhy shares new project details.

Just wanting to share a side project of mine on internationalization that I made to make the community more inclusive to non-English speakers. I'm sincerely hope this project could benefit this community and GftW going forward - for now, though, it is only a MVP product that still has a long way to go into production.

Read Radhy’s post to learn more about the project and demo.

The Grantee Report

This week we’re highlighting grantee Carolyn Malachi’s project Call & Response

The Call & Response project saw a need, and through its program sought to convert incoming data from live virtual events into audible audience responses which are pre-recorded audio samples; coupled with enabling a more open and transparent payment stream.

You may read the final grant report here.

ILF Tech News: Rafiki Unveiled!

Sabine Schaller unveiled Rafiki Alpha v1 at the Interledger Developer Meetup Cape Town on 23rd March 2023.

Rafiki is open-source software that allows an Account Servicing Entity to enable Interledger functionality on its users’ accounts. Explore the v1 features, including the Open Payments APIs, and get an outlook on future developments at

Interledger Community Call

Join the Interledger Community Call on 12 April 2023, 4.00 PM GMT / 10.00 AM Central Time.

This community call will feature a deep dive presentation by David Benoit and Christina Kinney presenting on SumAssembly. Plus updates from Interledger Foundation, Fynbos, Rafiki and the Open Payments team.

We’ll be back next week!

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