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Apply Now! Our grant opportunities are still open!

Two grant opportunities geared toward building an open and inclusive payments network that puts humanity first are still open at Interledger Foundation.

open cfp's

Building on its mission to build equitable pathways to financial inclusion by advancing open payment standards and enabling individuals, organizations, and communities to seamlessly exchange funds by using the Interledger Protocol (ILP); the ILF seeks to achieve these:

  • Through digital outreach and participation via its Ambassadorship Program.
  • By enabling Innovative digital financial services through Research and Development.

Both calls for proposals are accepting applications on a rolling basis and will close on Tuesday Nov 21st, 2023 at 11:59 pm EST.

You can connect with the Program Team to ask questions about the opportunity, see details below on how to connect with us.

2023 Ambassadorship Call for Proposal

The Ambassadorship program will help us by broadening, identifying, and lessening obstacles to entry and potential adoption of ILP. The Ambassador's role is to work towards decreasing those divides, By nurturing an ecosystem specific to each Ambassador.

The application is open and you can apply here.

Want to learn about the Ambassadorship CFP?

  • Schedule your office hours session with Lawil Karama, previous Ambassador and current Program Officer of the Interledger Foundation via Calendly here

2023 ILP-enabled Financial Services CFP

All organizations with an innovative concept for an ILP-enabled financial service that understands the problems and explores innovative open-source solutions are being encouraged to take advantage of the US$75,000 max grant funding. The types of solutions being targeted include: Digital Wallet Services, Online Banks, and other ILP-enabled Software that enables money to be transferred.

You may submit an application here.

Do you have questions or queries about the grant requirements and process?

  • Schedule a session to get the answers you need via Calendly here

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