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Ayesha Ware for Interledger Foundation

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We're  happy  to  tell  you  that we  are  officially  back  in  the office  and  ready  to  connect with  you  as  we  continue  our efforts  in  building  pathways to financial access and inclusion across the world.

The Grantee Report

Today’s #granteefeature takes you back to the #ILPSummit22 held last November. The event was well executed with great content, vibes, and camaraderie amongst the community.

Grantee Feature

Don’t just take it from us, check out the reports and reviews from our grantees on our community space via the hashtags Travel Grants, ILP Summit Reflections and Virtual Reviews

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Jerry Ojumah

Happy New Year Ayesha.

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Nestor Campos

Happy new year Ayesha and everyone.

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Eleni Maltas

Happy New Year!

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Ayesha Ware

Happy New Year to you as well @ojumah