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INFO SESSION (June 27) - ILP Financial Services Grant

Interledger Foundation will be hosting the first of several Information Sessions following the launch of its ILP-enabled Financial Services Call for Proposals grant opportunity.

If you missed the official announcement with details on the grant, you may read it here

Our 1-hour Info Session is designed to provide prospective applicants with both a general introduction to the mission of the Interledger Foundation and more specifically, details about the grant opportunity. At the information sessions, we will discuss eligible project types, proposal key components, and the application and review process. These sessions will provide interested applicants the opportunity to ask questions about the grant opportunity and meet and talk with the ILF program team.

RSVP to attend the Info Session on June 27, 2023, here. Additional dates and times will be communicated in short order.

All are also welcome to join our Interledger Slack and the specific #cfp-financial-services channel or reach out to us at

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