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Meeting Minutes and Recordings from Interledger Community Call - 8 March 2023

Below is a recap of our March 8th, 2023, Interledger Community Call with Meeting Notes.

Recording and Podcast

For those new to our community, ILF stands for Interledger Foundation. We are a community of technologists, digital creatives, researchers, entrepreneurs, and educators working to build new pathways to financial inclusion and equity through digital transactions.

Welcome and kick-off

  • Public agenda & notes document.
  • We have slots for more regular or deeper updates on projects that build on the Interledger protocol, so please feel free to reach out to Vineel or me if you would like to be a future Deep Dive and see the section below to add any quick updates you would like the community to know.

Interledger Foundation (ILF) updates by Chris

Rwanda ~ Mojaloop

  • Chris is at The Mojaloop PI-21 OSS Community Meeting in Rwanda along with grantees ThistaWorks and the People’s Clearinghouse
  • ILF started working with Mojaloop and People Clearinghouse Mexico to make a payment from the Rafiki instance to Mojaloop hub.
  • The first step, the one-way payment, will be demoed in Rwanda this week.


  • We’re starting our engagement with Igalia to put Web Monetization into Chromium this month.

ILF is going to be in South Africa this month

  • Briana is speaking at Blockchain Africa
  • ILF Developer Meetup in Cape Town
  • Briana, Adrian, Karl, and Senisha Moonsamy (Head of Department, TIA) are participating in a panel discussion.
  • Sabine Schaller is going to unveil Rafiki v1 Alpha on stage for the first time.

New ILF Ambassador Syrus Scofield

  • He is CODA (Child of Deaf Adults) and will focus on building resources, new

New opportunities for the ecosystem

  • Our first Arts & Culture grant Future/Money is live. Details here.
  • Sneak peek: We are preparing new opportunities for ILF Community

Need your help!

  • We’re seeking help changing the extension. If anyone is interested - reach out to Alex.

Rafiki (Max)

  • Completed development work. All APIs are working and able to be called via the (updated) Postman collection
  • Currently pushing forward with documentation and publishing helper packages to npm before the final v1 stamp
  • Final stretches of making Rafiki production ready for adoption by wallets
  • Opportunities to run tests of Rafiki locally with the Postman collection, review and assist documentation as necessary
  • Contact Max or Sabine if you want help experimenting with the APIs

Fynbos (Adrian)

  • Beta testing complete. Great feedback and some significant updates as a follow-up.
  • Some issues with our FI partner, so working with a licensed MSB to switch how we access card and ACH rails before we do more testing and onboarding.
  • Evaluating multiple partners to enable us to launch in EEA (EU and UK) soon
  • Will start reaching out to beta testers in EEA soon (next month or two)

Deep-dive: Open Payments client/library (Max)

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Thanks for this update! Excited to see the amazing progress on Rafiki (and everything else of course).

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Alexander Mozeak

So exciting! Also happy to see Fynbos progressing :raise_the_roof: