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MozFest 2023: Activism, Whistleblowers, and the Collective Power of People

Hello Community, it's that time of the year again for the MOZILLA FESTIVAL, this March 20 -24 online.

You can secure your ticket for the festival here

For the third year in a row, festival tickets are pay-what-you-can in order to offer access to everyone, regardless of financial means.
It's up to you to decide if you can fill in €0 or €100. However Mozilla festival relies on your donations to carry out their mission to help keep the Web open and free – your support goes a long way.

Mozilla Festival Program - is LIVE with 162 interactive discussions, 125 workshops, 25 Art & Media installations, 32 lightning talks, and 21 social moments, you can view the schedule here:

Kokayi Issa, who serves as a consultant for Interledger Foundation designing art-centered grants and projects around financial equity will join a Mozfest Workshop “Imagining Positive Futures” a theme that aligns perfectly with our current Artist grant FUTURE|MONEY.

The discussion will be Hosted by Karina Alexanyan from All Tech is Human and the Founder/ CEO of that helps educational and social impact organizations leverage emerging technologies for societal benefit, focusing on issues related to respectful technology behavior and diversity, equity, and ethics in AI education and talent pipelines.

The discussion will be held on the 22nd of March from 1.30 - 3 pm EST. Here is the Link to the session

About Imagining Positive Futures

Imagine the world 30 years from now…. Most of us have the same reaction to this prompt - our stomach tightens into a knot, and our mind immediately goes to a dark place - climate disaster, civilization collapse, robot overlords. The tales of dystopia abound - but what about non-dystopian futures? What does a healthy, thriving socio-technical world look like? Few shared stories, images, and narratives exist - but we need them. This workshop is designed to get us thinking about positive futures, and building a community around projects that bring visions of a healthy & thriving future to light. We cannot create the future we want if we don’t have a picture of what it looks like.

The goal is to inspire people of all ages, but especially young people, with visions for a healthy and thriving future rooted in fact and wisdom, and provide us all with something meaningful to strive towards and co-create. The workshop will include an introduction/brief presentation, followed by breakout sessions and working groups, and a regroup to share out the results and consider the next steps.
The workshop will be led by Dr. Karina Alexanyan ( and All Tech is Human), with co-panelists Jess Rimington of Possible Futures and Nick Adams of Goodly Labs.

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Storytelling for the future, Technology for the environment : Throughout history, artists have led political change using fiction, street art, and song. Storytelling provides a bridge from collective memory, to acknowledge the present, and inspire a future. In order to build a world where digital technology is a positive force for humanity to live in harmony with our environment, we first need to envision what that would look like.

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You can see what else is on the schedule here.

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See you There!!

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