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MozFest Fringe Events

This week Erica Hargreave hosts MozFest Fringe Events

Web Monetization Creative Session
Today, June 16th, 2022 12:00pm EDT

To Join:

This Web Monetization Creative Session will introduce participants to some of the Web Monetization platforms and tools that participate in MozFest 2022 and give you the time to Web Monetize your resources and assets in new and different ways, with people on hand to help you and to share and strategise with.

To get a head start on Web Monetizing your resources and assets:

  • visit Unit 1 of our training modules for An Introduction to Web Monetization,
  • begin Unit 2 of our training modules to Get Started with Web Monetizing Your Work, and
  • get and set up your extra special MozFest Coil Membership.

A MozFest Grand Web Monetization Experiment Tipping Party
Friday, June 17th, 2022 12:00pm EDT

To Join:

As MozFest approaches its close for the 2022, we want to take a moment to celebrate the various digital creatives in the community who have been experimenting with the Web Monetization Standard and Web Monetizing digital assets of theres, as a part of the Grand Web Monetization Experiment at this year's MozFest. To do that, we are hosting another tipping party! Come immerse yourself in the digital creations of your fellow Mozillians and spend some of your free prepaid tips courtesy of the free 6-month pre paid Coil membership that you were gifted at this year's festival.

What? I was gifted free 6-month pre paid Coil membership with free pre-paid tips to give out? Where do I find that? You were indeed. Follow this links for instructions on activating your account:

I have a friend who'd love this, but they didn't sign up for MozFest this year. Can they still participate? Absolutely. Just get them to sign up for a MozFest On-Demand Ticket, here before June 25th:

Can you add my Web Monetized resources and assets added to the tipping gallery? Of course! Just do either of the following by June 16th:

  • share them on the #web-monetized-assets,
  • in a post to the Web Monetization Action Plans in the Web Monetization Community Forem, and / or
  • tweet us with them by including @Interledger and @ericahargreave, along with the #MozFest hashtag.

I'd love to add something to the gallery, but I am unsure as to how to Web Monetize my work? We've got you covered:

  • Checkout Unit 2 of our training modules on Getting Started with Web Monetizing Your Work, and / or
  • Attend one of our Web Monetization Creative Workshops on either Tuesday June 14th or Thursday June 16th, via the MozFest Fringe events calendar.

Just tuning in .... What is the Web Monetization Standard It's a new open web JavaScript browser API that allows for the creation of a payment stream from a website visitor to a website. You can learn more about it and the thinking behind it in Unit 1 of our training modules on An Introduction to Web Monetization.

One last question, how do I tip people with my Coil account? Glad you asked! This post walks you through the process:
Looking forward to seeing you at the tipping party!

Visit for more information

Note: If you wish to attend these sessions please login and press the "Add to My Schedule" button. Links to join the session will then appear 15 minutes before the session starts.

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Erica Hargreave

Thanks @ayeshaware!

Today's session will involve a few Web Monetized Creative / Social Sharing Platforms.

The creative platforms / tools sharing, include:

  • Mural - a creative, multimedia storytelling platform
  • Fliptoons - a comic sharing / distribution platform
  • Hyperaudio - a tool for remixing audio and video content and translating into different languages
  • Free Music Archive - an audio sharing / distribution platform