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Rafiki Updates - July 2024

Summer time is here, meaning that we are moving at pretty much only half speed due to multiple events and vacation time. However, we still managed to put one Rafiki release out there - Alpha 14.

Updated Error Handling

We simplified the Admin APIs by moving error statuses out of mutation responses, and instead, we now throw proper GraphQL errors. That is obviously a breaking change, however, it allows us to easily enable additional logging on the Admin APIs.

Update of Environment Variables

Another breaking change removes environment variable defaults and requires them to be set by the integrators. This ensures that especially sensible variables are thoroughly considered before being set, e.g. ILP address, the Rafiki instance name, or whether telemetry should be enabled or not.

Additional Properties on the Wallet Address

Open Payment wallet addresses allow for additional properties when requesting them. However, so far, Rafiki did not allow ASEs to add any properties to the wallet address that were not required in Open Payments. We have changed the wallet address creation API to accept additional properties. Furthermore, ASEs can specify whether they want those properties to be for internal use only or whether they want them to be returned on the Open Payments wallet address GET request.

Upcoming Changes

We are currently working on adding more telemetry metrics to the collector. Once that is done, we'll shift our focus to performance testing - the actual last requirement for a Beta release (pinky promise 😉).

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;-) pinky promise, and we are flexible, as needed