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Your Weekly Roundup

We’re ending the week with a new call for proposals, community and project updates, grant reports, community events and meet our new Programs Manager!

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Set your calendars! New Call for Proposals application goes live May 17th

In continued service of our mission, and learning from our Grant for the Web program, we are excited to announce the next open Call For Proposals (CFP) to target the creation of more financial nodes in the Interledger network. We will be looking for projects that want to plan and build financial services.

This CFP will support up to 20 projects through a research, development, and planning phase. This grant opportunity covers phase one, and projects selected in this opening round will be eligible and competitive for round two.

We will begin accepting applications for the Research and Planning phase on May 17, 2022.

Do you have questions about the new CPF?

We have a second Office Hours Session scheduled for today, May 13, 2022 at 7:00 pm UTC.

To Register:

You can also join the Interledger Slack channel to learn more about the new call for proposals and ask questions you may have about the upcoming application. If you can't make todays Office Hours sessions, not to worry, more are on the way! Stay tuned...

Project Updates & Community Posts

JS of project Flat Squirrel Productions wants to hear from you.

From jazz musicians to ballet dancers, community theaters to opera halls, we want to hear from you!
It's our hope that this project, Web Monetization for the Arts, is the first step in developing a Web Monetized platform for independent performing artists, a place for people to discover new work and for creators to be compensated.

Click the link above to learn to how to join their study.

Victoria Coker launches project Black Web Fest x Web Monetization

Last month, we launched our project Black Web Fest x Web Monetization. Black Web Fest x Web Monetization, is a program that provides training for creators to learn how to use web monetization to access new streams of funding. We'll be providing free training, a two-month free Coil Membership and four creators will be awarded a $5,000 grant.

One creator selected from each category (i.e., Best Short Film, Best Short Documentary, Best Web Series, and Best Animation) will receive a $5,000 grant ($4,000 to use on their next project + $1,000 to use on marketing their film or series) and support to stream and monetize their content on Cinnamon.Video.

Head over to Victoria’s post to learn more about Black Web Fest and participate how to participate in this program

Andrzej Mazur for Enclave Games announces new winners

It was our third edition of the Gamedev.js Jam itself, and the second having Web Monetization category. We've received a solid amount of entries from teams that implemented Web Monetization API in their creations, with some really cool executed ideas. The top5 games are as follows:

.1. Dwarf Workday by Havana24
.2. Untamed Lands by Fanlix
.3. IT'S TOO RAW! by Xem
.4. The D-Rawing Witchby Michael Primo
.4. Clash of Cuisine by Johnonym

Detailed results along with feedback from the judges (Björn Ritzl, Ewa Mazur, and Nathan Lie) can be found here.

Congratulations to all the winners and to Andrzej and team for another successful GameJam.

Grant Reports

Ciaran Cummin for project DEMOS shares out grant report #1

Project Update
Our project seeks to understand what a fair and desirable future for web monetisation looks like in the eyes of those on no or low pay from their online labour.

To date, the project has been going well! We have done a great deal of research design and reflection, aided by interviews with experts on the subject at hand, and have just completed the deliberative focus groups which form the crux of this research.

We're now taking the insights from these and analysing them to inform the report, explainer animation and microsite which will communicate our findings to wider audiences.

Progress on objectives
We aimed to measure our project’s success primarily through two metrics: how many perspectives were represented and mapped through the project, and the level of engagement with our findings generated through our networks of civil society, government, standards setting bodies and industry.

Key activities
Our project includes, in brief, the following overarching stages: research design, recruitment, interviews, focus groups, analysis, deliverables' design and launch. To date these activities have unfolded as planned, and at the time of writing we are analysing our findings and designing the deliverables.

Click the link above to read Ciaran's full report.

Community Events

We’re over a week away from the next Community Call hosted by Grant for the Web awardee Erika Kitzmiller.

Erika Kitzmiller and Steven Goss, advisors for the 11/30 Youth Collaborative (formerly known as Central PA Info Hub ) will provide an overview of the project and invite attendees to discuss the potentials and limitations of web monetization for grassroots, community-based projects.

To Register:

News from our Team

Meet Interledger Foundation's new Programs Outreach Manger Juaire Hall

Hello, everyone.

I am Julaire F. Hall, the Programs Outreach Manager at the Interledger Foundation. I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself and express my excitement to be a member of the GftW and Web Monetization community.

With an extensive background and experience in planning, executing, and overseeing the successful delivery of programs in government and the global services sector; I am excited to be on this journey of learning, innovating, and implementing creative programs to enhance financial access, inclusion, and opportunity across the world.

Before joining the Interledger Foundation, I worked on several national programs geared toward enhancing the ecosystem to facilitate investments, administering grant funding for the private sector and skills development. At Jamaica’s national trade and investment agency, I helped to design and execute apprenticeships, internships, and other skills training initiatives via competitive grant funding.

Please welcome Julaire and head over to her post to say hello and leave a comment.

See you next week on the community space!

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