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{Ladyspike Media} β€” Grant Report #{2}

Project Update

Ladyspike has been doing great in our second quarter of the grant! We have been able to up viewership on the site and I, the founder, was named one of Buzzfeed's 2021 Women to Watch for my work on the website, which is definitely a major deal for us. In terms of marketing, we didn't do as much as planned these past few months, mostly due to the cost of maintaining the website and paying writers. But luckily, we were able to add some more, higher-profile writers to our site, which will give us credibility going forward. We are noticing so much more engagement with the site and can't wait to see where it takes us!

Progress on objectives

In our original objectives, we have a very big focus on marketing and creating content. Unfortunately, because of the pandemic, creating content in person was not in the cards for us. But we were able to allot that money to hiring more writers and gaining more contributions each month. For the second quarter, we focused less on marketing and more on actual article acquisition, because what's the point in having followers if you have nothing to show them? We were able to lock down some awesome interviews with comedians like Jen Kirkman, and that's been really exciting.

Key activities

Some key activities outlined in our original proposal were creating filmed content, marketing and paying writers. Two of those we were able to successfully accomplish! We grew our social media accounts by about 4,500 followers, hired an awesome team of 20+ writers and have been successfully pumping out up to 2 articles per day. With Covid, filming in person became difficult and we chose to allot that money elsewhere, but we can't wait to tackle that in the near future.

Communications and marketing

Communications and marketing have been a huge part of this journey for us. We promoted our social accounts (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) and started running paid ads for our articles. The way we put out information to our audiences has drastically changed and evolved over the past few months. Thanks to the grant, we've been able to try out new advertising methods and designs using Canva and Facebook/Instagram ads. Our engagement has nearly quadrupled, and we've had 4 posts with over 1,000 likes in the past few months.

What’s next?

What's next? Hopefully filming in-person content! We can't wait to put our talented roster to use and create more content for our followers. We will also continue to really push marketing and communications, and hopefully, reach our goal of 10,000 followers.

What community support would benefit your project?

We are always looking for suggestions on ways to improve our website and make it more user-friendly!

Additional comments

We are so thankful to Grant for the Web for this opportunity to grow our little site!

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