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The ILF Salon featured on the F|M podcast

Today, we are excited to introduce the inaugural edition of the Interledger Salon on the Future|Money podcast, a quarterly panel hosted by the Interledger Foundation and facilitated by Chief Program Officer Chris Lawrence.

Our aim with these discussions is to bring together some of the most innovative individuals in our ecosystem.

We invited Jayshree Venkatesan, Senior Director of Consumer Protection and Responsible Finance at the Center for Financial Inclusion,
Ed Cable is the president/CEO of Mifos, the Current awardee of the Financial service grant phase one. You can view their presentation during our Community call here.
And Paula Hunter, Executive Director of Mojaloop Foundation.

Like us, these individuals work tirelessly and passionately to create a more equitable financial world.

We hope to advance Digital Financial Inclusion to create better futures that imagine systems that aren’t subject to outdated models, technology, and power. Can open standards and protocols for exchanging value broaden our thinking about some of our most persistent economic problems?

This approach also demands new ideas and metrics that shape outcomes that:

  • Enhancing the potential scale of economic participation.
  • Decrease transaction costs, make public models more affordable, and support new business models.
  • Minimize the importance of physical and political obstacles.

Let us know what you think, leave a comment, ask a question, show some love, and tap to like. We hope you enjoy this episode of The
Interledger Salon serves as a platform for dialogue, insight sharing, and collective action.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Interledger Salon on the community forum!

Note: The 10th episode was recorded on Friday, March 15th, 2024.

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