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Cover image for The fifth episode of the F|M podcast is out now!!

The fifth episode of the F|M podcast is out now!!

The fifth episode of the F|M podcast is now streaming on @Castopod
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In this episode, we are in conversation with @esthermwema. She will share her artwork, Sikhula Sonke: Living Archives of Afrofuturist Village Banking, which she created with three communities in Zambia and South Africa.

Sikhula Sonke is an isiXhosa phrase that means 'we grow together.' The project is a mixed-media artwork and storytelling project that documents informal savings groups to understand inclusive financial models in Southern Africa.

In recognition of the wisdom that already exists within local communities and is little understood outside of them, the project focuses on women with a wealth of knowledge on inclusive, open financial systems.

These women have created their own financial practices that support resilience and are responsive to their communities' needs. We discussed with Esther how this artwork shaped her vision of a financially inclusive future, Her pathway toward becoming an Artist, and how the world influenced her.

You can find more information on Shikula Sonke here:

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This is amazing. Thank you Lawil and Hollis for holding such a wholesome space for me.