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Maria Bustillos

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Microtipping at MozFest

I was so thrilled to see Ayesha's recent note about microtipping at the forthcoming MozFest, because it's one of my most prized goals for the Brick House. We'll be enthusiastic participants in this experiment for sure.

It's my first MozFest, though, so any tips/impressions on how to maximize the value of the experience will be most welcome for us.

Hope everyone is well and keeping safe,

Maria Bustillos
Brick House

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Chris Lawrence

@mariabustillos make sure you come/watch the community call. @erikad and i have a long history with the festival and helped run it in the past. We will share some of what you ask on the call. Although last year was the first all virtual MozFest and most of our experience was the f2f version. Some early tips:

  • Don't stay in sessions you don't find interesting, its designed with participant agency at its core
  • Participate. Its built on Unconference models and not intended to be just listened to as you answer emails
  • Go to some session that feel most far away from your work or comfort zone
  • Follow up with people, a guiding philosophy of the festival is "come with an idea, leave with a community"
  • Have a game plan. The schedule will be overwhelming. Take 30 minutes before it all starts and register for sessions ahead of time.

Specifically for you/Brick House/Your partner publications: Cover it. The festival is the face of open minded, open tech with a collective mission of social change. Its a very creative and active global community. You could tell stories for days about the people, ideas, tech and conversations that are housed within the festival.

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Maria Bustillos

Just registered!! I am beyond excited about this. Thanks Chris!

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Can't wait this to become public!