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Metasebia Yoseph
Metasebia Yoseph

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Welcome to the Future!

After a bit of a delay and some bumps in the road getting the Addis Futures + project team together and then getting everyone to fully understand the vision for Digital Gojo, as a platform for creative content for and by creatives across the Ethiopian diaspora, we finally have found our stride!

I'm looking forward to sharing the work we've done so far to accomplish the objectives originally outlined in our Gftw application. As well as, reflecting on some of our highs, lows, and roadblocks we've encountered and what we're considering to resolve them. I'll also be looking to the community for thoughts and advice as we pass the halfway point for this adventure and begin strategizing on how to finalize and take flight.

Side Note: The cover art above is a visualization for a narrative treatment I wrote to capture the concept for the Digital Gojo platform. It was created by famed Ethiopian digital/NFT artist Fanuel Luel, who was selected for his distinctive AfroFuturist style. If you want to read the treatment he read to make this visualization. Click here and use the password: gojo

That's all for now.

For project updates, visit:

Or follow @addisfutureslab on Twitter.

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Erica Hargreave

Hi Metasebia,

Just a head's up that your beta sign up on the website is not working correctly. It seems to want an email in the field that it asks for your last name.

Also the link is missing to the treatment above.

Thanks. Looking forward to checking out more of your work.


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Metasebia Yoseph

Hi Erica,

Good catch! I've fixed the glitch on the beta sign up form and added the link to the treatment. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

Thanks again.