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Easy Web Monetization for all! — WMHub

wmhub landing page

Project overview

Web Monetization is really good, if you're a software developer. For everyone else, it is a lot of work.

WMHub bridges that gap for all content creators. It lets you configure your personal project like you configure Google Analytics! No need to worry about the Web Monetization API or anything else.

Project team

Bruno Panuto - Lead backend developer
Andrezza Tavares - Marketing
Danilo Gusicuma - Design/Front-end developer
Andrey Torres - Backend developer

What we are doing

Finishing up the last touches on the platform for going live. Afterwards, we're going to try and find a niche for WMHub, following our marketing roadmap.

What community support would benefit your project?

If you're a content creator or just curious about our product, give it a go and contribute some feedback! We're eager to make a great product.

Link Round Up!

Our product home page

Highlight other projects

Shout out to Denisa and her study on effect of visibility on user behaviour.

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