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A message from community members Sharon & Elliot

10 months ago, we learned about Web Monetization. A few keywords stood out to us: open, fair, and inclusive. These words weren’t something we were used to seeing amongst monetization on the web, which generally involves targeted ads, paywalls, and other unfortunate things.

But we found ourselves struggling to understand and find resources to learn about Web Monetization. To tackle this problem, we began the Akita project.

Bring your thoughts and creativity to this community; every part of Web Monetization is under constructionβ€”let's build inclusivity and openness into how value is exchanged on the internet.

To jump straight to some cool content, our community members have been posting under #mozfest to showcase the different projects they're working on. Use Coil to enable Web Monetization in your browser and stream micropayments to these creators as you view their projects. We’re giving away free 1-month Coil memberships to MozFest participants.


This tag is dedicated to showcasing web monetized projects to the MozFest community!

What We're About...

Web Monetization is a community dedicated to improving business models on the web for creators, publishers, and consumers alike. We are technologists, content creators, open-source and open standards advocates from around the world, all experimenting with the opportunities that Web Monetization opens up. This community space is open, free, and welcomes all of you to browse or sign-up and participate.

One of the initiatives that unite us is Grant for the Web, a fund dedicated to boosting open, fair, and inclusive standards and innovation in Web Monetization. This grant is a collaboration between Coil, Mozilla, and Creative Commons.

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