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Online Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Video Training Program — Final Grant Report #3

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Project Update

Grant for the Web has provided me with the extraordinary opportunity to make a remote and affordable mindfulness-based program (MBP), the gold standard in mindfulness training, available to anyone. In the process I’ve learned a lot and become a part of an amazing community. I am both happy to have been afforded this opportunity and proud of what my team and I have accomplished.

And when I say my team, I don’t just mean the people named on my grant application. Chris introduced me to grantee Rashon Massey Link who helped me get stuck into the community. The Coil development team help me trouble shoot the integration. CoilDoc Link is here to help us and if what you need isn't there, don't hesitate to connect with the support team. Briana Steward Link, another grantee, introduced me to her video editor when my video was no longer able to support my project. Did Erica Hargreave Link, yet another grantee, reach out to me or did someone introduce us? I can’t remember. What do an herbalist, a dancer and a storyteller have in common? They each show how open, supportive and willing to collaborate the Web Monetization Community is.

Progress on objectives

The goal of the project was three-fold. Since the credibility and efficacy of mindfulness-based program(s) (MBP) are well established, the focus was 1) to explore how to deliver an MBP online using video on a website that is built with monetization APIs natively—as opposed to an afterthought to fill a gap, 2) to design and built the course in a way that anyone can replicate and 3) validate if Cinnamon is a financially viable form of monetization.

  • During this grant period, we rebuild, redesigned and relaunched with native Coil monetization
  • We developed and released the 8 module Wellness Through Mindfulness, mindfulness training course, which includes 16 mindfulness teachings videos, 10 video meditations and 5 mindfulness exercises

Key activities

Since my last report I have begun to release weekly content on both YouTube and Coil, to write articles, to make plans for future bonus videos, and to market both free and paid content with the goal of significantly growing my following. I continue to keep my existing followers engaged via my newsletter and give-aways. Activities to date include:

  • Presented at Self-worth Awareness Week Link
  • Spoke at a joint workshop led by Rashon A. Massey from Micopedia Link
  • Participated in Fireside Chat on the ‘Encounters in EdTech Podcast’ Link with Erica Hargreave and Lori Yearwood from StoryToGo Link and Link Alt Text

Communications and marketing

While the GFTW grant period may be over, the marketing of this project and goal of validating the financial viability of Cinnamon have just begun. With that in mind, I have three ongoing goals. 1) marketing and promoting my course and 2) driving Coil sign up. and one of my original measures of success was to have 3) 500-1,000 active participants providing meaningful data to create more content that responds to the interest of the viewers. I if course I’ll share my findings with the web monetization community. Activities to achieve these goals will include:

  • Writing regular articles for Reddit, CoilBLOGS, LinkedIn and Medium
  • Producing free and monetized video
  • Presenting YouTube Lives
  • Advocating web monetization within the MBSR community
  • Engaging in partner programs inside and outside of web monetization community

What’s next?

Again, now that the site is build and the course is live for the foreseeable future the focus will be to continue to create new content and to monitor Coil’s ability to be a financially viable teaching platform. I will also continue to be active members within the web monetization community and be an active advocate of web monetization and other digital tools outside of the community.

What community support would benefit your project?

If you feel so inclined please like, share and subscribe to my channels:

  • Link
  • YouTube Link

I hope to continue to meet and support member of our growing network. Don’t hesitate to contact me with questions, thoughts, suggestions or maybe just to chat at

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