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Game Web Monetization Plugin - Report #2

Project Overview

The objective of this plugin was to make it as easy as possible for Web Game Developers to access Web Monetization from their games. This would be supported by a comprehensive tutorial, translated into Spanish and Chinese.

Project Update and Progress

This week was all about finishing things off and that is exactly what we've done! I'm very pleased to say that the Game Web Monetization Plugin is now live and ready to download, along with the full documentation, a sample game, and the English version of our 7-part tutorial.

The Game Web Monetization Plugin

The Game Web Monetization Plugin can be downloaded from its GitHub Repository at Here you will find the full TypeScript source code, an ES5 "script tag" bundle, and an ESM (ES Module) version, too.

Plugin API Documentation

You can view the full API Documentation online. This documentation is generated directly from the TypeScript source code. It's also included in the GitHub repository, so developers can access it offline if they wish.

3 Candies! Sample Game

3 Candies!

We did a lot of work on the game this week, implementing the final graphics and polishing everything up.

You can play the game here (be sure to use a Web Monetized browser πŸ˜€)

The full source code is, of course, included in the GitHub repository and we also use it as the sample game in the tutorial.

Comprehensive 7-part Tutorial

The final tutorial is now live on the Phaser website and can be read here.

Spread over 7 parts we take the readers from the very basics about what Web Monetization is, through the sign-up process and then into using the plugin and making the sample game Web Monetized, finally concluding with further thoughts and ideas.

If anyone here reads it and spots any mistakes, or thinks it needs further detail, please leave a message and we'll edit it.

Writing the tutorial was honestly as much work as coding the plugin! Our thanks to Andrzej Mazur and the Coil team for some technical clarifications.

Right now the English version is live and the Spanish version will go live on Monday, April 26th. The Chinese translation has also been commissioned.

What’s next?

Once the Spanish and Chinese tutorials are live, this will conclude all of the authoring work we had to do for this project and we can begin social promotion.

Promotion will include coverage on Twitter, a news article on the Phaser site, a feature in the Phaser World newsletter, and coverage in the upcoming Phaser Development Logs. The tutorial will become part of the Phaser Learning Resources page and will also be added to the Phaser GitHub README and documentation.

In total, we hope that these combined avenues will make more web game developers aware of the potential of web monetization.

Top comments (2)

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Andrzej Mazur

Sweet - the more gamedev content related to Web Monetization, the better! I do have an implementation of it in my own template, but for the sake of promoting each other's work I'll most probably switch to the plugin. Thanks for your work!

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Richard Davey

And just as I post this, Francisco finished the Spanish version of the tutorial! πŸ˜€ Available here: