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New Universe — Final Grant Report

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Hello everyone!
We are proud to announce the official launch of the New Universe platform.

What is new universe?
The New Universe Platform allows people of all ages to quickly and easily create and share games in the platform as easy as any social network.

When others play the games the creators receive direct payment without any intermediary thanks to Web Monetization!

what was our motivation?
We started New Universe with the strong idea of being an online platform where users with no prior knowledge of game development can easily create, share and monetize (via web monetization) their own content.

You can check the trailer of the platform here:

Progress on objectives

  • New Universe — Grant Report #01
    Objective: Announcement of the development progress of the new universe platform in the grant for the web community.
    Status: Completed

  • New Universe — Final Grant Report
    Objective: Announcement of the progress and launch of the new universe platform in the grant for the web community.
    Status: Completed

New Universe is a project that consists of several parts:

Part Description
Main Hub "Turtle Island"
Game Editor To create your games
Mission modules 4 types of missions that you can mix in your games
Island navigation system The portals are used to go to the games, go to the main menu and go to create new games
The Character Choose your cute avatar to identify yourself
Game search system allows us to list the games of the users in the platform
Chat It is the communication system between players in the main hub
News It's the games and the news that we create as administrators Image description
Website Our window to the public where you will find more information about the platform Image description
Video Tutorials Explaining how to create a game in the game editor

Key activities

It has been a great and challenging task, with many goals and objectives, where all the resources granted have been invested in the production of the platform.
To achieve the creation of content such as:

  • The production of 3D characters with humanoid characteristics

  • Create a friendly and animated interface for all types of users

  • Even if you don't have a Coil ID you can create 3 games on the platform

  • We integrate a Chat System for communications with other players (it is limited in words to protect minors)

  • The Main Hub and System Portal navegations:

  • Thanks to the feedback we understood that we should make video tutorials to better explain how to create a game in New Universe, such as:
    Create interactive objects:

    Switch mission:

Communications and marketing

We also participated in different events to publicize the New Universe platform, such as:

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The First Event: is Gi Live Online 2022

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And where we have an article online:
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The Second event: BIG Festival's online
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And the third event: Conexion Investor Panel 2022 organized by Latinx in Gaming

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Image description

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This is our marketing plan implemented to get users for the New Universe platform

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How many users do you have?

We have 163 users adding the private beta version and the public version, although due to some technical problems that we had, the private beta users are not all linked in the current public version (but this is being solved to incorporate them).

At first, not all users had a Coil account when they started, we believe that this changed as feedback was received to improve the platform, this helped create the help video tutorials and that many users registered their coil account in registration of your profile.

How was onboarding users to WM?

Users register directly on the platform, some at the beginning forgot to include their Coil ID when registering, although later it was noticed that they updated their information but many did not, we believe that it is because of the policy that we made partial access without web monetization, Perhaps users believed that web monetization was optional, but when the free trial time ran out, it happened that they stopped using the platform and others if they updated their Coil ID to continue using the platform.

We believe that if we support ourselves in the other projects that are used in the Web monetization community, users will feel more confident and believe their Coil IDs, this is where the web page comes in as cross promotion support, because we will upload news that link to other projects that show the use and benefits of Web Monetization

Additional comments and closing remarks

Users ask us to expand the chat system, so we promise to continue working to create a communication filter system (so far the chat for children is a success)

We will continue working to integrate new monetization systems such as Web 3.0, we are committed to expanding the platform and working on it permanently

This Is The Core Team That Will Continue To Support The New Universe Platform:

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What are their plans for next steps?

  • Spread the platform to get more players and content creators

  • Continue to support the platform so that it grows like other new game content creation platforms that are our competition

  • Create some own games with the same platform with the different types of cameras (that are a little bigger than an experimental game) this is to show the creators the potential of creating games with web monetization within the platform

  • Join the other Web Monetization content creators to support them with a post within the news on the official New Universe page to do cross promotion

  • We hope to continue attending other events in order to find potential partners or a PR firm that will help us make the platform visible and integrate other monetization methods to make New Universe known throughout the world.

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gfam profile image

Hi Ivonne! What your team has built is incredible! The artwork and graphics look amazing, and the whole system looks really fun.

We have a tutorial system and a challenge system on the platform that might be able to help you reach more people for New Universe. Let us know if we can help you. Thanks!

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Chris Lawrence

I love this site!!!!!