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Ivonne Prado Barros
Ivonne Prado Barros

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Surprise! we are part of Tokyo Game Show 2021

Hello everyone, I'm Ivonne Prado, I was a recipient of the IGDA Diverse Games Developer Program Fund 2021 and I'm very happy to share with you some great news, the project I created with my team Pollito & Xiang Xiang: Adventure in the Forest, is being officially presented at the Tokyo Game Show 2021(we believe that it is be the first Web Monetized game present in that show ever!!!!)

You can find the game here (it uses Coil to unlock special features in-game and hidden levels):

We will participate in the PC-Browser category a category that appeared in this event for the first time this year.

We hope with this showcase to increase the visibility and show the benefits and virtues of Web Monetization through this super important event which is the largest event in Japan and Asia related to videogames.

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Well done @senkgoky !

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Ayesha Ware

That's so cool @senkgoky congratulations!!

erikad profile image

Wow, @senkgoky this is incredible! Congratulations!!

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Victoria Coker

Congrats that sounds amazing. I am definitely excited to learn more about what your doing.

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Casey Herd

Congratulations Ivonne! Thats exciting news!